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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Be Brave...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Loving Memory... nephew Michael Caldwell.
Prayers for him are very much appreciated.
He will be missed immensely, more than he could have known.
If you or someone you know is suicidal or in despair, help is available 24 hours a day at

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pinterest Project...

...  I think I will start posting the Pinterest projects I see & try after I do them. When I saw this leaf table runner posted on Pinterest  from Martha Stewarts's website I knew I had to make one.  Click HERE to see hers. Of course hers is perfectly pieced in pastel colors & neatly ironed. Mine's not ironed yet ( I just finished & took the photo with my phone - sorry)  but I'm not sure I'm going to iron it. I kind of like the little curling of the leaves and my home is woodsy so... I used 6 different earthy toned fabric scraps and I used a lot more leaves than Martha did.  This is a great way to use up your fabric scraps! I had to stop myself from adding more & more. I can see this used outside on the patio or for a picnic at the river, even as a cool curtain!   I laid out the leaves then hand stitched them together. Even hand stitching with a whip stitch, the entire project took only about 4 hours start to finish.  I made a pattern by drawing & cutting out a leaf shape on sturdy paper (junk mail actually) then used that to cut out my fabric pieces.  Then serged around all the edges.  The serger doesn't like to go in a circle or curves so I started at the point of the leaf then serged to the bottom and then did the other side, so it wasn't continuous sewing.  If you don't have a serger here is an alternate way to construct this runner would be to use your zigzag stitch & carefully stitch around the edges or to double your fabric with right sides together, stitch the leaf shape leaving a gap to turn the fabric. Constructing in that way, you could use 2 different fabrics to make it reversible but you will use more fabric and it will take a lot more time. I'm easily bored so I like speedy projects, instant gratification, if they take too long they usually become "UFO"s (unfinished objects) and I have plenty of those.   I have created 2 Boards on Pinterest for sewing.  One is "Feed The Machine" which has lots of free embroidery & embroidery ideas and the other is "Sew Loved".   Just click & follow! Stay tuned, more Pinterest Projects I try! I will be posting them in the future!