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Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally Finished!...

"Crewel Intentions"
... I finally finished the piece I started in January, that I thought I was going to finish in April. Click here to read my 1st blog post.  You can see how much she changed from the initial first couple of layers of paint.  I lost track of how many layers there are now but they all show up somewhere or another in the piece.  This is one that I wished I had taken pictures of to do a new video.    I made her "crewel" expression a little less cruel.   This Angel is going to Spoiled Rotten Gallery & Boutique today as part of my show on Friday.  Friday the 13th! I hope it lucky for me!  I wish everyone could see her  in person.  If you are in this neck of the woods please stop by & say hi! Friday 13th, 4 - 9pm Spoiled Rotten Gallery.  I also painted another snail & mushroom painting that had been stuck in my head since I did the first one, both will be at the gallery. 
"Vista View"
"Love At First Sight"

I have been working on mermaids for The Empress shop and I am opening up my own Mermaid shop on Etsy. I have a few things in there now but I'm not at the Grand Opening stage yet.  I have been working on an Indian Maiden Mermaid or Mountain Mermaid. I have a ways to go on her. Again I didn't take pictures that I wish I had. Speaking of copying and mermaids. I also noticed a few Angel Mermaids on Ebay. I was surprised because I didn't know there were Angel Mermaids until I painted them, but at least the artists did their own thing with them. I'll show you some of the fun Mermaid stuff in upcoming posts. Here is my newest Mermaid Painting...
"Circle of Friends"
I have been trying out some fun things I've found on  Pinterest.  I tried out the caramel recipe found in my "Party, Party Party!" Board, it's awesome!  I tried letter painting on wood which you will find in my "Crafty Cravings" Board, it works great! I did a couple of signs which I will show you in an upcoming post.  I also tried the peroxide & dish washing liquid claimed to be a miracle cleaner. wa wah NOT. Don't pin that one when you see it!
Create a beautiful day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you have a Blast!