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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A New Day!

New supplies! New Friend! I met with a New friend from my Swell Sister Society Women's Art Group. We wandered around 2 art stores then had lunch. She took me to a New art store that I had never been to, so that was exciting for me! I loaded up with some New canvas, which always makes me feel good! Feels as good as getting into bed with Newly washed sheets tucked in all tight! haha Yes I am sleep deprived lately! With New canvas comes New possibilities and New dilemmas on what to paint. Having a leisurely lunch talking about art, motivated me to come home & complete a painting that I was working on.I haven't been getting much painting done lately with all the computer work. The other night I had a lot of paint left on my palette, just picked up a piece of wood and started painting, no drawing, no thinking, just freely painted, using every color. What I ended up creating was an angel with her face full of colors & a soul of her own. It's hard not to look at. Her eyes aren't straight, her chin is crooked but she draws you in somehow. I call her an aura angel. What was really bizzare was that when I met my New friend today she looked like my aura angel! Only her eyes are straight & her chin isnt crooked! haha But over all she favors her a lot! When I got home I completed a New beach angel painting and listed her for auction on EBAY as well as the aura angel. Getting ready to watch the season finale of Lost and then I will be waiting for the New season! Hope your day is full of New possibilities & New blessings!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wrapping it Up!

I started my day off with a protein shake with strawberries & blueberries. It was magically delicious. Then I got busy wrapping paintings to mail off. Most who know me know that I suffer at Christmas time, even try and bribe people to wrap my presents! I must admit that I have resorted to those printed boxes & the occasional bag. I try not to give gifts in bags because it loses something just pulling a nice gift out of a bag. A box with paper & ribbon is so much more exciting. So here I am wrapping my art! I have gotten very nice emails from people who were surprised to get their purchased art wrapped with beautiful ribbon. I do it to make people happy. Who doesn't like opening a present? I think it's a nice touch but it's not my favorite part of job! My husband & I went shopping for my son's baby shower today, it's a big gift, 2 steps out the door with it & I say "there is no way I am wrapping that!"
I am on the computer more than painting this past week which is going to hurt. Getting myself out there. Trying to get all the computer stuff "wrapped up" so that I can spend more time doing what I love, painting. I joined OvationTv Art community tonite. Now that was a big step for me. The site wouldn't work right, maybe it's overloaded or something so I couldn't complete my profile.
I was featured in someone's Treasury on Etsy today! That is such a nice compliment & honor to be included in that. If you'd like to check the Treasury out it's
So this day is a wrap & I can go to bed knowing that I accomplished a little more than I thought I would toward reaching my goals! Which is to become your favorite artist! haha

Monday, May 26, 2008

They Speak to Me Too!

I got the sweetest email from a collector of mine yesterday. She told me that my mermaid angels/art speaks to her. Well this sweet little angel kept telling me her hair was longer ! Seriously! I couldn't ignor her. I got out the brushes, fixed her ponytails and she's looks alot happier to me now! She is as she should be! She's called "The Angel of Starfish Grotto". As said I paint things that I like and hope others like it too. I like this one because she's a spunky teeny bopper. I think she's saying good night prayers to the starfish she's babysitting! Ok where's that jacket those nice men in the white coats gave me?
If she is telling you to take her home, you can find her in my shop at Etsy, the link is below!
Have a fabulous holiday! God Bless!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life Outside the Cubicle!

Glad you stopped by to see my first post on my first blog! If curiosity wins you over you can view more of my art on ebay & etsy, the links are below!

I have been living in a cubicle for so long and had no idea of what life could be like cubicle free! I have been in the mortgage business for 25 yrs underwriting loans, working long hours, taking loans home at night, working weekends... When I would paint or do something artsy & show it to people at work they would often say "What are you doing here?!" I never seriously gave it a try, was too afraid! Showing my art sometimes gave me the same feeling that I would get if I was showing my underwear! So after being laid off due to the "mortgage crisis", I decided to give it a go, turn lemons into lemonade, show & sell my art, regardless of the underwear feeling & trust that the Lord would provide!

I am truly amazed at the response I have had to my art in such a short time! I truly appreciate all the lovely emails, kind responses & feedback, purchases & support of my art! I have met & dealt with some very sweet people the last few months .

God Bless & Thank you for taking the time to stop by & peek at my art!

New Mixed Media Painting for sale on ebay: