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About Me & My ArT

My Art
My art is best described as Folk Art with a Contemporary Touch.
I paint things I like and hope you like it too.
My art is inspired by sweet things in my life, my loving family, friends, my love of color & sometimes my goofy sense of humor.
My love of faces & portraits began in the early 90's after taking portraist classes with a former Art Director of Disney. I guess you could also classify my art as "Distorted Art". The human face is not symetrical, by exaggerating this feature, it is my intention to capture a greater sense of personality and emotions. I love the the "fun house" effect with their eyes, most will follow you.
In addition to painting, I love recycling wood & other objects into art, crochet, knitting, needle work, sewing, clay work, creating perfumes & soaps, photography and crafting.
My art has sold throughout the US & Internationally.

Funky Facts About Me

My house is full of music everyday, My husband & both sons are musicians, I don't like to eat a lot of things that start with the letter A with the exception of apples & artichokes, I love shoes but hardly wear them, I have impossible to curl blonde hair that is below my waist at times, I like to paint late at night, I like boating but get sea sick on the ocean, I like cats but have bad luck when it comes to owning them, I appreciate gardens but hate to garden, mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors, I am basically a shy person but I can hide it well, I am legally blind in my left eye, I would like to have a gypsy wagon or a vintage camper trailer, I like to make perfume, I have lived in a house with ghosts, I used to catch & collect dragonflies when I was a kid, I received a real miracle healing from God, and my friends and family call me "Jana".

Things I love

Time spent with my husband & sons , my family, my friends; hearing my boys belly laugh; my poodle - Roadie; Rainy days & colorful umbrellas, Festivals that aren't just carnivals; looking at art- especially something odd; movies that make you think; being under the covers with the window open when it's cold outside; sweaters; crabbin' in a muddy creek with a just a fish head & string; all things beachy; walks at the river; music -but i couldn't possibly pick which genre is my favorite, driving in the rain with jazz or blues music, reggae when painting mermaids, Motown when I'm cleaning house, rock when I'm in a party mood, country when misery loves company; making other people laugh; smiley people & pirates; traveling- especially going to old little towns; the smell of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, the big trees in the Avenue of the Giants, Myrtle Beach, Mendocino, Seattle & pikake; camping; cooking outside; cooking gourmet food for others, dinner parties with great conversation, good wine, hot food -the hotter & spicier the better, chinese food eaten out of the carton, peanuts in my Pepsi, sushi, coffee, and brand new paint brushes!