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Monday, June 29, 2009

Is It Genetic?

At one of my Swell Sister meetings a Sister brought in postcards to share. I had to have this one! I put a magnet on the back and placed it on the frig!

A little history... (to validate my qualifications to attest to the fact that males can't find anything)...I grew up with 2 brothers, a dad who can't have anything organized & no you can't touch his piles of things, I had more guy friends than I did girlfriends (I was a tom-boy, which leads me to ponder my art...another time), raised 2 sons, married a man that had 2 fathers, & 6 brothers in total... Well today while watching my grandson I noticed the first signs of the male's inability to find something! He was playing with a spoon, put it down in front of himself, then started looking all over for it. I laughed to myself, it actually does start younger than I thought! Just the other day I tweeted about this when my son couldn't find something and ElisaAlvarado a wonderful artist I met on Twitter said that she thinks it's genetic & that ovaries are location devises. I'm still laughing about that. C'mon guys no offense but you know it's true. haha

I had so much fun today! My Doodle Bug is just a joy. I think he'll be walking before his 1st birthday next month. He lets go of tables or whatever he is holding on to & stands on his own for quite a while & has honed his navigation skills in his scooter/spaceship walker. We had fun watching the Gummy Bear video on youtube, dancing & it was so hot today we went swimming in the kitchen sink! He loves spoons. Maybe he's gonna be a chef? Hopefully I can see him again this weekend.

Frog Crazy!

Had trouble painting this weekend. Nothing going right on canvas, but painting frogs on rocks is always fun! Crazy Frogs in the house! I think my next frog will be blue..... This video is 3 minutes of fun...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wild Turkey!

No, it's not what you think, nothing bottled! This past week we have had a mother turkey & 5 of her babies showing up in the yard several times. The amazing thing is the dogs don't even bark or go out there. The babies are so cute. They move so fast that it's hard to get a picture or even get a picture of all of them in the same frame. Some of the backyard, (I call it the "north 40") isn't landscaped, just left natural, and it looks as though they are eating the dried sticker grass. Hope they come back and eat it all!

Apologies to my Entrecard friends for not dropping much this week. My hubby spent days working on the computer due to a nasty virus that we picked up. I am still able to do a few things but we still aren't quite sure if we have it fully taken care of. It was after dropping on a Entrecard blog that had several pop-ups that the problem began. I didn't think pop-ups were allowed but have seen several sites that have them lately. I also have been running into blogs where the page keeps loading and loading until my computer shuts down. Some I will click on & they won't open up. Anyone else having these problems?

Today I am mailing off 2 Beach Angel Originals that sold. I am working on another but having trouble being satisfied with her. I think I've changed the background 4 times now. I won't list her until I like her. It's kind of sad shipping off these angels. I've grown very attached to them, however, I know they are going to a good home. After mailing I'm off to babysit my little Doodle bug. It's going to be a fun afternoon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work Out While You Paint?!

Count me in! Looks like so much fun! I have been saying that I want a Wii for a while now. I mentioned it again last night to my son. His face lit up. In a flash he grabbed the remote, telling me that isn't what I want! He was going to show me what I really wanted. He was so excited. Partly because he was showing me something really cool, knowing I'd like it & partly because the thought of actually getting one in the house that he could play on was thrilling. haha The Xbox 360 Project Natal Paint Party. Check it out! Boo hoo it's not out yet but it looks like it's worth waiting for! My screen isn't as big as the one in the demo but it's a pretty big monster that takes up a lot of space. I have often complained about the big black box but I'm thinking I might be loving it now! I can invision it now... hubby..."What did you do all day? What's for dinner?" me... "Let's call for take out. I'm so tired. I've been painting all day!" hehe Party On!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Little Word on Wednesday

"Repay no evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men. If it is possible, as much depends on you, live peaceably with all men." - Romans 12:17-18

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Bash BBQ Weekend!

My birthday weekend was so much fun! The kids came over on Saturday. We had a big bbq dinner, hung out on the patio listening to music & laughed all day. Then Sunday I tried something new for my birthday dinner/Father's Day dinner, which always makes an occasion memorable."Bulgogi", a Korean beef dish. I used an apple (you can use a kiwi instead) in the marinade & I cooked it in a wok on the bbq instead of grilling it because it was so thinly sliced. The meat was so juicy from the marinade that when I started to fry it the pan started filling up with juice, so I added in the marinade too after the meat was cooked. If you are Korean, I know you are probably thinking that doesn't look right, I made it all wrong, but we loved it! We ate it with rice & lettuce. I would definitely make it again. I had bought the thinly sliced rib eye steaks from the Asian Market that I frequent & on the package it said it was sliced for "Bulgogi", so I looked it up & tried it. You know me & peppers...well I would have liked the Bulgogi better had it been spicy. haha It was fun trying something different & new.

I didn't get socks...hahaha. This week I will be working on a Patriotic Angel if I start to feel better. I have an awfully bad sore throat today & don't have much energy at all.

A few shouts outs go to Suzi for Most Wonderful Favorite blog award, Alice Stroppel for the One Lovely Blog Award, I think I am forgetting someone (I am older now), if I have forgotten you please let me know!! To Belinda at Blendastudio ; Rebecca at KneeDeepOriginals ; and Liz at Beezmiller for featuring my art in their creative & beautiful Etsy Treasuries!

Friday, June 19, 2009

What Do I Want?....

My family & friends always ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas and inevitably I have socks in the list. They usually groan when I say that. I rarely get socks but I still put it on my list. For some reason I can't keep a "pair". One sock always disappears shortly after one or two wearings. I think there is a black hole on this planet just to suck in one sock at a time. My birthday is this weekend, so if I don't get socks, maybe I'll get paper........

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walk Softly & Carry A Big Stick...

...a big pretty gypsy walking stick!

The other day as we were walking I came across this big stick. It's almost as tall as I am, the top comes up to my eye brows! (yes I'm pretty short) My hubby is about 6'4 so you can see it's pretty big. It looked interesting to me & not very heavy. I couldn't leave it where it lay, I started to, but turned back & picked it up. A perfect walking stick, I thought, so I convinced my hubby to walk it home for me. He cut off some little branches that were sticking out a little & cleaned it up for me. Yesterday I began painting on it. Ok, I know you're thinking...why? I don't know! My insatiable need to turn trash into treasure with paint? It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time, however, I have only gotten about 1/4 of the way down the stick, now realizing this is not just a quick little project I have gotten myself into. I was hoping to be finished with it today but it may take a little while. So far it has clouds & sky, bumble bees, lizards, little leaves, sky & blackbirds, hearts, cherries, daisies, and fish. Things you might see on a walk...? Once I get all the main sections painted I can then start putting in lots of little details & of course more color! I admit I feel a little guilty working on this stick instead of a long list of other things I could be doing, but I'm having fun with it. It will be a great conversation piece that's for sure, whether on a hike or just to have! Wouldn't you feel grand hiking with this?! hahaha Definitely a unique piece of art! I will post another picture when it's all finished. Can you think of some things that need to be on my gypsy stick? What have you turned from trash into treasure lately?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Weekend!

Having a busy & fun weekend! Yesterday I made pickles & pickled peppers. Then I was off to the gallery opening. My son & a friend of mine went with me. After a few hours at the opening I dared to drive downtown to the Alley Arts to see my Swell Sisters. I had great luck in finding a parking spot & didn't hit any pedestrians or bicyclist! haha Downtown Sacramento is so alive on 2nd Saturday. The streets are full of people, music & art. Just one big party. Wish I could have spent more time down there. The gallery opening was awesome. They put out big sketch pads & crayons. I did a couple of angels in crayon which was pretty fun and I had a little crowd watching at one point. Great music too. Marco Fuoco is the gallery owner/artist but also a very talented sax player. So much fun!

Today the guys & I walked up to the car show they were having here at the park. It was over a mile one way & we spend an hour or so walking around. They had some awesome cars and it was a fun getting out, walking, spending time with the guys & looking at awesome cars. It's a beautiful day. Here's a few shots I took at the show, a few I played around with... you know me & color!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On The Easel...

This is a painting I am working on today. It's not finished, just thought I'd give you a peek! The Marco Fuoco Gallery has invited me to bring it with my other paintings for the Summer Color show on Saturday and I will if I get it finished! I was thinking about the circus/carnival out in the middle of the desert, in the middle of no where, that I saw on my drive back from South Carolina, and I grabbed a canvas. It's just silly and I've have a lot of fun painting this one.

"The Incorrigible Carnie"

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Got A Monkey!

I am watching JJ three days this week! Today he climbed up the stairs for the first time. Little monkey was so proud of himself! I was lucky I had the camera ready and caught this shot of him laughing when he got to the top. He's so much fun! My hubby was right behind him but I was still a little nervous. He was fast! I took a video too. My son taught me how to use the movie maker so I've been taking videos. The movie maker could become addictive.

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday. My hubby decided he was taking us on a picnic. He even made the sandwiches. We didn't hesitate, the 2 poodles & I hopped in the car & headed up the hill with him to Sly Park/Jenkinson Lake. It was so pretty. It's only about a 25 minute drive from the house. The last time we were up there we had a picnic in the snow and that was years ago. The dogs had a great time! We are going back soon and take the Miwok Indian trail which looked so beautiful. There are other trails up there too. We didn't walk much because of my ankle, just sat in a pretty spot, had our sandwich, watched the boats & ducks go by. Wish I could share all the pictures.

While I was up at the lake I was thinking about how fun it will be when I can get JJ some finger paints! (Right now everything goes in his mouth) That started me reflecting on how many finger paints I have had in my life and why did all the pictures have a big sun in them? haha Why didn't I get creative with them? So when I came home I pulled up my sleeves, got all messy and finger painted this with thick paint acrylic paint. Don't laugh! Finger painting isn't as easy as it seems, at least not for me anyway! "Nasturtiums in Pacifica" I was looking at my nasturtiums that are just getting started and remembered my mother-in-law's yard in Pacifica, CA. She had pretty much a big hill for a backyard and it was covered in nasturtiums. Breathtaking. That was when I fell in love with them. I love the big lilly pad looking leaves and they are easy enough for me to grow! The leaves don't get as big at my house as they do in Pacifica but I still love them. I had so much fun getting all gloppy & gooey that I may do another one! How long has it been since you finger painted?!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Creek & Creeky

Yesterday my hubby & I took a walk down by the creek. The creek is about 5 houses down the street from my house. I really should go walking down there more often. It was so pretty & relaxing. Towards the far end where the waterfall & dam is I almost felt like I was in an episode of Lost! hahaha *already missing that show* I don't know what kind of trees these are but I think they are beautiful. They look like bottle brushes. I took my camera with me and managed to get these pictures before twisting my ankle! I have been such a klutz lately! Maybe I'm getting old & creeky! LOL I shook it off & kept on walking, it wasn't until later that it started throbbing. It's definitely a sprain. So last night was very uncomfortable and I had to hobble around, up & down the stairs. I put ice on it & soaked it. It's better today but still sore. I'm going to try to stay off of it but with all the stairs in my house it's kind of hard to do.

While we were down there I checked on those painted rocks (guirella art) I had place around and they were all gone but one! They didn't last long. I hope the person or persons who took them are enjoying them! I may paint some more to take down there but paint them on bigger rocks.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swamped, Stressed & Swimming Upstream!

"The Swimmer" is the painting I am currently working on. I can't decide if I like her upright or sideways better. I still have lots of work to do on her but I'm sharing. I am using acrylics but I am wishing I had done her in oils for the Summer Color exhibit at the gallery. If only my camera could capture what my paintings really look like in real life, it just doesn't.

I have a few shout outs today. Thank you Vicki owner of EllieLee for featuring my purple Aura Angel in your perfect purple Purplicious collection in your Etsy Treasury! Also Thank you to Julia & rkdsign88 for giving me the wonderful "Lovely Blog Award"! I am paying my son help me with a few things so hopefully I will be able to find the time to pass it along. I'm honored by you all!

I've taken a little time to do a project with my Swell Sisters. Several of us painted the same picture. The picture happened to be the one of the cat that grew wings in China. Sorry the link that I had to the story is expired, but this is the picture... If you have the time it's an interesting story. It was so fun to see every one's interpretation of the picture. I didn't spend much time mine, even used craft paint but had a lot of fun doing it. We are planning to do this kind of challenge again. JenJ's digital painting interpretation was so creative & unique that I have to share it. It's delicious pinks just like cotton candy! Sorry the picture isn't better.

I am trying to get a few things completed to list. Things are slow at Etsy and I may remove some originals there & put them elsewhere. So I am a little swamped, stressed & swimming upstream!
***update! 6/5 Gallery has invited me to put The Swimmer in the show! I'm honored & thrilled!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Little Word on Wednesday

The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea,
than the mighty waves of the sea.
Psalm 93:4

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wow! Almost Summer!

Three of my paintings will be in the Marco Fuoco Gallery's "Summer Colors" show from June 13th to July 8th! I still have a few tweeks to do on each one but they are getting there. I kind of goofed off all weekend so I have to get them finished tonight. These are far enough along to give you a peek of them. I will post the final pictures of them on Flickr & they will show up in my slideshow.

" The Gemini"

"Summer Breezes"
"Sails, Blue Skies & Sunburns"

This weekend I watched the movie "New In Town" twice! It's so funny, better than I expected and the guys liked it too. Even the deleted scenes are funny. I also started some new seeds and got my hands really dirty. My sister sent me a trumpet vine and 2 jasmine plants. I love those! What a nice surprise! I painted a trumpet vine on the side of the house around my patio. Now I will have a real one. Jasmine is one of my favorite smells. She sent a Carolina jasmine and a Confederate jasmine. I don't know if they both smell the same, they don't look the same, I'll have to ask her. I hope they all do well and I don't love them to death like my husband does to his patchouli plants! My family sends him patchouli plants when they find them. He loves them to death. Everyday (and I'm not really exaggerating) I will find it in a different spot because he thinks it will be happier there! He's too funny to watch with them and we joke about it. *Light bulb* I think I'll start searching for one for him for Father's Day!