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Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggs-cellent Time of Year!

Retro-Mama describes her decor with these lovely fabric eggs as "Barnyard Chic" Love that & ♥ these eggs! Click on her name to visit her site for instructions.
An eggs-cellent way to de-stash all those paper scraps! The instructions can be found at Two Hearts Together.
These just make me happy to look at them! The super easy instructions can be found here at All*You
Aren't these sweet?! Instructions with photos can be found at Chez Larsson.

These lovelies were found at TaterTots & Jello.

Napkins to decoupaged Eggs! Who knew?! Just click on the picture to go to the full instructions at Two Girls Being Crafty.

A Big Shout Out & Thank You goes to these sweet people at Etsy for featuring my art in their wonderful collections! Just click on their names to visit their Etsy Shops. BiscottiPottery, GrooveInTuesday, ForPawsandHome, LovegrenandDaughter, Mouflon,CatCanPaint, and YimmekeDesign !
~*~ Family, Friends, Followers, & Fans I hope you have a Eggs-cellent & Joyful Easter full of many Blessings & Loving Memories! ~*~

Friday, April 15, 2011

Motion, Movement, A Moment

Friday, April 8, 2011

Roses Are Red... No Pink...

My hubby & I went on a little mini break for our 35th anniversary for a few days. I'm not as old as that makes me sound. We married when I was a teenager. He took me to my prom. Anyway, he made sure I had a huge tub to soak in and surprised me with these Tea Rose heart soaps. They smell so good, so sweet & old fashioned that they spark a little nostalgia, a scent from the past, from childhood, one of those that seems to be embedded in all of us. He knows me so well. I love it and will enjoy it for a long while, each time, thinking of how sweet & thoughtful he can be & how blessed I really am. I'll take soap over flowers that will wilt in a day or so any day! (That's right. My purple thumb extends out of the garden as well. I never remember to change the water or add that packet of stuff ) I put them in one of my antique rose dishes next to my sink. I'm a sucker for little dishes like these in antique stores & thrift stores. My house is full of men all the time and I'm mostly a tom-boy but I do have a few prissy areas. I like my contemporary cabin but I could be just as happy in an old Victorian. Honestly the guys like prissy stuff more than they will admit. Lingerie, sure, that's a safe one, but the rest... True story, having 2 poodles, a redhead & a blond, when we have them out & about they can get lots of attention, but you know who it comes from? 90% of the time it's from men! Yep! Isn't that funny?! I'm telling on you boys! hahaha I once approved a home loan for a headbanging dark rocker, a guitarist in one of the worlds most famous bands and he had purchased a home just outside of Ventura with the prettiest frilliest prissy pink bathroom you ever saw. He sent signed 8 x 10s for all my guys after escrow closed. Every time I see them I think of his bathroom. He doesn't scare me. hahaha

I made this stroller or car seat baby blanket yesterday start to finish. It's knitted & crocheted. I'm not showing the whole thing because it's a gift. I am way behind on my baby gifts that need to be made. I have several more to make. Everyone is having babies! I bought the Ultimate Sweater Machine a few weeks ago. I have had a Brother knitting machine in the past and this one is not as nice but it does a good job as long as you take your time, pull the yarn at the beginning of each row and keep the edges and piece properly weighted & pulled with hooks & bands. Once you get your groove it knits very fast, just don't get carried away and forget to tighten the hooks & bands. I think everyone is getting something knitted for Christmas whether they like it or not! hahahaha

A Big Shout Out & Thank you goes to AnnabelleArts, LimeZinnias, JCStrong & LuLusApple for featuring my art in their fantastic Etsy Treasuries! Click on their names to visit their Etsy Shops. Everyone's support of my art means a great deal to me!

A handsome clerk asked us this weekend what it takes to be married for so long. Our answer was humor & ability to say you're sorry - I said humor because I knew he'd make a smart remark, like saying sorry, haha I'm laughing. LOL. Later we found ourselves still thinking about that question and we decided that the secret is love ♥, of course, humor, respect, ability to say you're sorry and real forgiveness. Not necessarily in that order. :) Next month is another anniversary, my blog anniversary! Once again I will be doing a give-away for my Followers.

Saturday, April 2, 2011