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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Low Tide...

...I'm calling this "Monterey" for sure. It reminds me of the tide pools on the coast. I won't share how many times I've crocheted a section on then pulled it out. Contrary to what I thought when I began, this one is going to take a while! I am loving this process.
A Big Shout Out & Thank You goes to Art by Carla Grifo for featuring my Swimmer, Verbena Place for featuring one of my Happy Souls, A Shot In The Dark, AngelinaInspirations for featuring my Incorigible Carnie in their wonderful Etsy Treasuries!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crochet ~ Comfort Food Without The Calories

That's what I've been up. All I've wanted to do. I have a shameful amount of yarn *hoarder* that I need to do something with or I won't be able to buy more. *yarn hoarding sickness but in denial* A thought even crossed my mind today of how sad it would be if I did crochet it all up and it was gone. *therapy might help* I know! Seriously! I have it all organized in huge space bags. One full of greens & blues, another reds & oranges, yellows & beige, ... it makes my eyes twinkle to look at it all, just like a palette full of paint. I have been working on a few new designs & things for my Shenanagans Shop, and made a red circle blanket for JJ's new kid size sleigh bed.
I used Lion Brand's Circle in a Square pattern except I made the circles different colors and left the rest of the square bright cherry red. I plan to do a little more embroidery on it in between projects... it will be my ongoing project for a little while. I will post another picture when it's completely finished. I have designed a series of scarves inspired by travel & some of my favorite cities. A little Gypsy don't you think? I do series with my paintings so why not?! These are all one of a kind scarves. A lot of the yarn used is vintage and could be impossible to find. I have also designed a super cute Owl square but have not started the blanket to show it off yet because I discovered & quickly became addicted to Free Form Crochet or Scrumbling as it's often called. The 1st photo in the post header is the Free Form piece I'm working on. Soon to be called "Monterey". I started with Miami in mind but now that it's taking shape it reminds me of the tide pools in Monterey and the beautiful blues & greens of the Pacific. I'll be adding some bling to this one. Free Form crochet is like doing an abstract painting with yarn. I am having so much fun with it. Paint & thread, my 2 favorite things. If you haven't tried it I encourage you to. It gets your creative juices flowing. You can check out some awesome Free Form pieces here at Free Form Crochet. It really gets your right brain in gear! I will be taking step by step photos of my next piece to make a video for my YouTube channel. Below are a few new things at Shenanagans.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Or Did I?

A Big Shout Out & Thank You goes to AngelinaInspirations, ChoosingBeauty, AliCsCreations and Purplesplat for featuring my art in their wonderful Etsy Treasuries!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Butt Of Course!

I saw these cute Valentine treats at Craftster and had to share, if you gonna be naughty why not make it fun right? They are fun, the guys like them. I may make them some for Valentine's day. Would you munch these down or would you think about where the cookie is gonna end up... on your butt? Hey! Good diet idea...make all your favorite foods look like your large body parts thus curbing your appetite & shrinking your real body parts...
Keeping this post short & sweet. I've got lots to share & lots to thank on an upcoming post which will be titled "Crochet Is Comfort Food With Out The Calories" so stop back by & thanks for following!