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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Drowning In Yarn"...

... That's the name of my new piece.  This is a painting of one of the pieces I drew in the Little Pages video a few posts back. Click HERE to watch the video. This is the 2nd one I've done and may be the last that I paint on canvas. I may start painting them on paper instead.  I love painting on paper now and I used to be so afraid of it because it isn't very forgiving.  These portraits are quirky,  not as quirky as my clowns but a little quirky. I may not paint all of the pieces I drew in the video but definitely a few more. 
I painted this one because it was one of my favorite drawings in the group. I sketched it because I recently had to remove all the huge Space Bags full of yarn out of my studio and into my guest bedroom to make room for new sewing machines & room to sew.  I have the big Spaces Bags full, one for reds & pinks, one for greens, one for blues, ... then there are the bags of "UFO's" (un-finished objects) or here's a good one "PIGS" (projects in grocery sacks) hahaha . I have bags of things that are finished, ready for packaging, or some just done to work out patterns, or just for fun, nowhere to go.  Oops I shouldn't fail to mention the human body sized basket trunk full next to my recliner.  I thought I'm drowning in yarn... hey but what a way to go! Could I go buy more yarn? Why yes, yes I could! * In my head as I just typed Why yes,  Anthony Bourdain's voice was resounding in my head as though he was questioned if he could eat more pork. haha My Mom keeps telling, just this morning in fact, of all the things she is knitting and new knitting patterns she is trying with a beautiful soft & delicate yarn.  It's so tempting to stop what I'm doing to pick up some needles, but I am resisting, I'm painting about it instead! 
In addition to painting on canvas I am experimented with paint on fabric. 
Can't wait to show you what I am doing! So stay tuned...
~God Bless & Create a great day~
*Note to self - must have de-stash sale!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

What Day Is It?...

... & Where am I? haha I was working so hard on this piece I lost track of what day it was and posted Ta Da Thursday on Friday! Oopsie embaraskins haha  I worked on this piece pretty much full-time for over a week. This is an emotional piece. The theme or message is how beautiful & sweet strength can be.  She has 2 facial expressions, one sweet & one strong.  Roses are sweet & they are strong too, surviving like weeds at my house. The deer enjoy them as much as we do. This piece will be on Ebay for a short time, click on the picture to take her home.
Left Side of Face / Right Side of Face

"The Sweetness of Strength"

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ta Da! I Tried It Thursday...

... Need a really good excuse to go to Starbucks & keep every little scrap of fabric you ever have?! haha  This week I tried this simple & super cool gypsy bracelet project by Candace Jedrowicz. I love upcycling/ recycled projects, wearing bracelets and there is no shortage of fabric in my studio, so when I saw this project I had to try it! There was only one drawback... I am not a jewelry maker, so I don't have nice jewelry wire. So I pulled the wire out of my wire ribbon to see if I would like these before I went & purchased nice wire. (it actually doesn't look bad at all) These bracelets make up quickly  & look better in person.  I like lots of texture so I used painted fabric, glittering ribbon, lace, vintage fabric that I did free motion embroidery on & a vintage zipper.  I think I like them enough to buy wire next time I'm at the art supply store.  I plan on adding beads, buttons, seashells & charms.  I am going to try putting some beads on the wire before I start wrapping it to see how that works out. The possibilities are endless. Just might find some of these one day in my shop.  I will post a follow up picture when one is completely finished. 

God Bless & Create a great day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Special Valentine...

...I had fun taking one of my painted magazine pages and altering it in PicMonkey. I love playing around with photos and so glad I came upon this site. Do you recognize this page from my Ta Da I Tried It Thursday?! (See Below)  Please feel free to use this page as you would like for your own projects. 
Love to all my Sweet & Creative Valentines!
Right click on picture & save to your computer to print out.

Don't forget to send me a picture if you use this to create something beautiful.
(This page can not be sold. Thanks)
I printed the page and this is what I did with it...

I cut the paper into pieces, using the larger piece as a backgroud. Then adhered on top of a blank card.  I used glue, glitter glue, coffee colored ink, scissors, & decorative paper scissors to complete this quick card project.  I have not put any writing on the card yet. Not sure what it's gonna say...something about 2 hearts in a universe...? hum....
Again, if you use this page, I'd love to see what you did with it!
Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some Clowning Around...

... While painting for the Twitter Art Exhibit that's being held in Orlando, Fl this year, I was reminded of how much I love to paint small pieces on paper.  I am happy to participate again this year. I love painting ACEOs too, I find it more of a challenge to paint on a larger canvas with large brushes, not to mention the cost of supplies & storage for those large pieces.  Click on Twitter Art Exhibit to view all the art that has been submitted. It's all postcards and it's so fun to see all the different pieces.  If you are an Artist the submission deadline to get a postcard piece into the exhibit is Feb 21st.  Click HERE for details. If you are an art lover and would like to buy one of these pieces for collection & charity, the information on doing that may also be there. I know each piece will be sold for $35.00.  Being able to only submit one I went with an Angel.

This week I have 3 new pieces.  I am going to list them on Ebay.  I love my Etsy Shop, I get sales and commissions from that shop, but I do feel a certain loyalty to Ebay, and love Ebay, mostly because of the wonderful people I meet, so I still list things there too. 
It's always a better bargain to buy one of my pieces at Ebay.   
These two "Happy Souls" (clowns) are 4" x 6" acrylic on paper.  
"The Party Starter"
She gets the party started and keeps it going.

Gertie makes garlands and she takes it very seriously.
This fun piece is an 8"x 10"acrylic on canvas. I clowned around a little with a stamp. 
This sweet piece was created from the drawing in my video below or click HERE.  
Create a great day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ta Da I Tried It Thursday...

... I tried several things this week.  Having a purple thumb, actually I should say yellow thumb because that's the color all my plants turn before I kill them off. hahaha  Coming home from the grocery with 2 bunches of celery, I remembered seeing this Pin on Pinterest and decided to see if it would really work.  I washed the celery cut the bottom off (cut the rest up & put in water for snacks in the frig) then I removed some stalk pieces then placed in a little water & set it in the window.  Well to my surprise it does look like I'm growing more celery! In just a few days there were new leaves. When it has more roots I'm going to try planting it outside. I placed it a glass on top of a tiny antique hand painted plate. I have a set of these & I love them. I always look for them in antique shops & thrift stores. I am never afraid to use my antiques or vintage items. I use them & enjoy them. 

Another thing I tried this week is Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies,  a No Bake, No Fat, Gluten Free Cookie Recipe. My mother has made these all my life, only this recipe you can make in 5 minutes start to finish in the microwave instead of boiling on the stove.  The recipe says 20 min but that's just crazy talk unless you are walking to the store to get your ingredients! Here is the Pin & Recipe.  It was so quick & simple, & such a small batch that I decided to experiment with it.  I replace 1/2 of the sugar with Stevia In the Raw and they still turned out great.   I also made a batch using 3/4 C of oatmeal instead of 1/2 C, even better!
Ta Da!