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Friday, April 4, 2014

What's On My Easel...

...Easter Bunnies!...
I started doing these "bunnies" as zentangles while I was watching tv.  My sister got me zendoodling and it's hard to stop. Most that I have done are ACEOs, my favorite.  I have lots of them and I plan to list them for sale on Ebay (Click HERE) and maybe a few in my Etsy shop (Click HERE).  These I drew with pencil and then painted them lightly with just craft Americana paint with lots of water, like watercolors, except the the bunny with the black background, on heavy watercolor paper. I'm playing with acrylic paint on watercolor paper before investing in serious watercolor paint.  What can I say, I love acrylic paint. Years ago I only painted with oils and couldn't imagine myself saying that. I have grown to love them. You can see the texture of the watercolor paper in these photos.

I am currently painting "Seek and Ye Shall Find" which is a fun one! 
Blessings & Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary...

...Happy Anniversary to my greatest guy! I love you!
Sorry I am not posting a Ta Da today, but I have a good one for next Thursday and I am thinking peacocks may be involved.  Today is our anniversary. I won't say how many years because if I typed that out I would feel old all day & I don't want that today! hahaha  Let's just say it's more than 1/2 my life. (My husband took me to my high school prom.)  Sometimes when people ask what's the "secret" to being together so long; we, or I fumble for an answer. But here's the answer, this is what I'll say next time ~  Love, Forgiveness & The Golden Rule, that's it, I think :)  We didn't plan anything big this year, just kicking it, going out to dinner & maybe a movie.

.  Last week he took me on a  sweet spontaneous impromptu day trip to Daffodil Hill.  

Pretty awesome. We had the best time.  In the many years we have lived here we have never been and it's close by.  Getting to go through Sutter Creek is always a bonus. I love that little gold town. The daffodils were beautiful.  Did they bloom  a little early? If so, it was probably because of the wonky weather, there were a lot of dead heads. The place is so huge and there are so many varieties that there still was masses blooming so it was not disappointing.  I got a lot of inspiration from that little day trip.  The place was so country cute and I loved the peacocks. I had recently embroidered a beautiful peacock on vintage turquoise tiny ribbed corduroy fabric and now that I have some photos.... humm...   I painted a little "Inchie" with tiny tiny daffodils.  I had not heard of "inchies" until my sister started making fairy gardens and working with miniatures.  You know my favorite paintings are ACEOs so I had to try painting some "inchies"!  Here's one I started. This is the first coat of an acrylic wash on watercolor paper.  It measures 1" x 1".  I am going to come up with some fun ways to use them other than doll houses.  Maybe an "Inchie" book of some sort for a collection? If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. 
Instead of roses I got beautiful daffodils and believe me that was just as much if not more romantic than roses! 
If I don't kill them first, we can enjoy them next year on our anniversary too! 

I love daffodils.  Isn't yellow the happiest of colors?! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ta Da! I Tried It Thursday...

... Stars & most anything under the Sun can be quickly molded & made now! This week I tried making molds with my hot glue gun.  I saw this Hot Glue Mold  Pin on Pinterest, which lead to the video on Youtube  below. Why didn't I think of this before? I was more excited about this than I'd like to admit. I had to try it for a project I am working on. (posting soon)  I needed a starfish mold.  I have a starfish soap mold but it was too big.  Opening up my wooden treasure boxes full of shells & beachy sea things,  I found the perfect size dried starfish to sacrifice.
 Bada Bing Bada Boom! I think this worked out great!  I grabbed a little shell to finish off the rest of my glue stick in the gun.  It does take quite a bit of glue sticks.  I squeezed my glue out onto tissue paper instead of foil. The tissue paper washes right off.  Also, I let the big glob of glue start cooling off a little before I pressed the starfish into it.  No matter what I was making a mold out of I would advise you to do that, let it cool a little.  Getting the starfish out of the mold wasn't too hard. The glue was cooled, harden, yet bendable. Poor little guy did break to pieces like I knew it would.  I know it was already dead but I still felt a twinge of "poor little guy". I washed the mold really good, dried it, then pressed orange polymer clay into it.  As you can see it really did pick up all the texture from the starfish.

God Bless & Create a great day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!...

...Hope you are having a great St. Patrick's Day!  It's a great day to have fun and think green. Remember to think "green" everyday. That's my favorite public announcement especially when it comes to water.
Here's a free Irish printable that I made just for you...
Just right click on images and save to your desktop to use for your creations.

(Click on his picture to read all about him.)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ta Da ! I Tried It Thursday...

... This week I tried "Hot Glue Stencils" for Mixed Media paintings & art projects. I used wax paper to do mine on.  It tears off pretty easy. I started with my smallest glue gun and using small strings of glue like the video, however, they tend to break when you are pulling the stencil off the paper.  I think that this would be the case no matter what you put the glue on.  So I pulled out the big glue gun and this worked much better, the strings are larger and it's easier to pull off the paper.  You could put a design under the paper to guide your glue gun.  This was a fun project and I am already using and loving my re-usable hot glue stencils! Click  HERE  to go to Pinterest to view some more ideas for hot glue stencils.

God Bless & Create A Great Day!