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Friday, January 29, 2010

Work In Progress

"Fresh Powder"
Hopefully I will be finished with this one tomorrow, I have a few more touches to do. It reminds me of the old Vintage Ski Posters. Can't you just feel her breathing in the winter air about to exhale all of her tensions?!
I don't ski but I love going up the hill to Lake Tahoe & watching the skiers, getting bundled up, getting a cold rosy face & breathing in that Ponderosa Pine . If we don't drive home the same day, we always stay at the same place which is at the bottom of Heavenly Ski Resort with a room facing the slopes. I don't ski or go to the lodge because I hate the lifts. Whenever I have been coerced "forced" to be in one, the whole time I am in a near panic state. Dangling from wire freaks me out. So yeah I don't like elevators either. I did go hot air ballooning several years ago. Now that is extreme dangling! *heart rate going up thinking about it* Once I was in the basket, floating, comprehending the reality of no hope of survival, floating, completely stripped naked of any control what-so-ever, floating, the terror so bad it was hard to stand, gently turned into a what the heck attitude, floating, today is a beautiful day to go if I have to, floating, and I kind of relaxed a little, gently floating. However, that doesn't mean I let go of the basket. Oh no. I had to peel my hands off of the basket pole at landing one finger at a time! Not kidding. haha Flying, I have to do, ballooning I don't, so it would be difficult to imagine that I would do it again, but I'm so glad I did.
I took this video while driving home from Lake living color!...

A BIG SHOUT OUT goes to Terraworks for featuring my art in one of her awesome Etsy Treasuries! Thank you Terraworks!


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful painting! This is exactly how I feel when I step outside of a crisp, clean, blue sky winter day.

Tessa said...

Great painting! I've never been skiing before - too scared, ha ha... :)