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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Look Mom No Brushes!

Being a creative soul (sometimes more often than I should & occasionally to a fault), every once in a while I have to burst out of my bubble and experiment, do something that isn't expected of me. Sometimes these experiments go bad, I have a graveyard of canvas in my studio closet to prove it. A few made it out this summer to an "outdoor room" and are hanging on my fence in my backyard. Then there are times when things go right and I think this is one of those times!

A few weeks ago I was under the weather and I hate washing brushes anyway, a simple yet annoying task, kind of like your thread breaking while you're sewing, so instead of grabbing a brush I ripped off a little piece of used card stock and dove it right into my piles of acrylic paint. Globbing and scraping the paint on & off the previous "experiment" canvas that I had covered with thick gesso. I just want to do more & more so all my little zombies in my graveyard may be resurrected in the near future! I do love this technique and wish I had a better photo for ya. Perhaps a tutorial is in the future so stay tuned!

These 2 little birds were inspired by ESP at Paint My Photo. It's a wonderful site where Artists & Photographers share there photos free of copyrights. It's fun and there are lots of really nice people there & beautiful photographs for inspiration when your brain goes dead. You don't need to share a photo to belong either. When I look for inspiration I look to photos, magazines, books, more often than I look at art. It's so easy to be influenced by someone else's art and when I'm in create mode I want it all to be me. I've been doing needlework instead of painting. I have lots of things at a gallery here in town called Spoiled Rotten. I've got to get busy though because I have a show this weekend in El Dorado Hills. If you are in the area stop by and say hi!

Create a Great day!


Ayala Art said...

What a pretty birdy! I love the colors and composition, very sweet Xo)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Cute little birds. You make me want to paint again. Almost.

Campbell Jane said...

Paint Sharkbytes Paint!