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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Crewel Fasination...

...a few months ago, before things went sideways around here, I became fasinated with crewel work.  Years ago I spent many hours after work doing hand embroidery & I'd love to do some now, but I just tried my hand at free motion machine embroidery and now I'm hooked! I have to start my Christmas list. I started this painting in January and hope to get it finished this week. Here are all my  Crewel Cravings:

Work In Progress
"Crewel Intentions"
18 x 24
I am not quite happy with her expression on the left side yet and have lots of work to do on the crewel pattern & wings as well.  She is going to be hard to part with.

Oh I wish you could see these Bohemian beauties in person. The photos don't do them justice. I just listed them in my Etsy Shop as well as some other hand painted shoes!

Machine Embroidery on Jeans
As you can see I need some practice, but I have to say I did better than I thought I would! There is something very soothing sewing back & forth in little tiny motions. I can't wait to do more.

Like my original design? Just right click on the design and print.   You are welcome to use it for personal projects, but please do not use this crewel pattern on any projects that are to be sold.

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