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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home...

...No not just mine but the Hearst Castle as well!  We had a wonderful week with our friends. We went to the Castle 2 days and the weather couldn't have been better!  It was amazing.  This is one of my favorite statues that sat in front of one of the Cottages.  At first I thought it was a deer but nope it's a goat & she is feeding him an ear of corn. So gorgeous, and so art deco, I love it.  I took so much video I ran the memory out & had to use my phone to take some pictures, which includes this one...

Here's a little DIY project I did a little while back
 with an aging tv tray.  I have been meaning to post it but...
it disappeared into my son's room.
 Before & After.
I finished the following painting I had been working on for a month or so & listed it in my Etsy Shop. Lots of thin layers of  paint on this one. I'm starting another. I guess I'm in a mushroom mood! Maybe succulents are next. I came home full of inspiration from being at the beach & at Hearst Castle. I was just as impressed with the landscaping as I was all the art.
"A Hidden Happy Place"


Gloria in CA said...

I have never been to the Hearst Castle and have mentioned to my husband. Do you need reservations? I'm going to look it up, it's time for some in state travel. The before/after looks great and your Hidden Happy Place as well. Great work. By the way I'm changing over to a closed blog soon because of to many spammer's and other. If you want an invite so that you can get in, let me know. Take care, off to paint a statue.

Campbell Jane said...

Hi Gloria!
Yes please send me an invite. I like to know what you're up to :)
Hearst Castle is a great little trip in state!Our friends found a GREAT deal in the back of the AAA magazine. $209 a night per couple at Quality Inn, which included 2 tickets to the Castle & a elegant dinner at the Manta Rey Restuarant that were $20 per person & the food was awesome! The rooms were nice & we could see the ocean from our balconies! A short walk to the beach too. All in all everything was way better than expected. Would definitely recommend it. We stayed 4 nights. It's so beautiful there & relaxing. Loved the little town of Cambria too. Thanks for stopping by!