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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Free Form Fun...

... here's a little piece, a follow up really, or an addition to my recent post on Free Form study & a video by Milliande.  I had a lot of fun stepping out the box and doing a Mixed Media piece.  This type of study really gets my creative juices going! I used magazine paper, ink, acrylic paint, pencils, silver pen, & stamps.
I stared at the scribble...

and stared some more...until I saw this figure, this form...
then from there...
I created this paper piece in pencil & ink, using a brush with water to shadow with ink.
The fish is actually a portion of the scribble located on the page.
then ...
I scanned and digitally colored...
then to canvas...
(Listed on Ebay Here)
Hum... does Jaws still loom in my subconscious mind? haha
Kind of fun to see the progression of creation isn't it?!
I hope you try it, even if you aren't an artist, it will
be relaxing and put in you another world for a little while.
I don't work very often in mixed media & collage.
I had forgotten how fun it could be!  I covered the canvas in
random ripped magazine papers, painted, scraped, stamped, colored, & pasted.
I started another piece on canvas but haven't finished it or
enough of it to show you a picture. I will tell you that
there are cactus in it and now I am obsessing over cactus.
So stay tuned!
Click Here to see my previous post & Milliande's video. 
Wishing you a New Year full of creativity, peace & love!

1 comment:

storybeader said...

it's so fun to see the evolution! And the piece is beautiful. It reminds me of a stamp, for some reason... Happy New Year {:-Deb