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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ta Da ! I Tried It Thursday...

... This week I tried "Hot Glue Stencils" for Mixed Media paintings & art projects. I used wax paper to do mine on.  It tears off pretty easy. I started with my smallest glue gun and using small strings of glue like the video, however, they tend to break when you are pulling the stencil off the paper.  I think that this would be the case no matter what you put the glue on.  So I pulled out the big glue gun and this worked much better, the strings are larger and it's easier to pull off the paper.  You could put a design under the paper to guide your glue gun.  This was a fun project and I am already using and loving my re-usable hot glue stencils! Click  HERE  to go to Pinterest to view some more ideas for hot glue stencils.

God Bless & Create A Great Day!

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