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Thursday, December 10, 2009


This week it's been all about keeping warm. With a party tonight & gallery show on Saturday I have been squelching the urge to pull out my needles & yarn. Our electricity went out about 3am on Monday and it was turned back on about 11pm that night. The house is all electric so it's really miserable but we are so blessed that our power was restored & had water. Many in our area have wells so not only do they have still have no power, they have no water either. Photos & article. We are not strangers to snow, it's snowed a few times at our elevation, & have occasional power outages but this week was out of the norm.
Even though we were chilled to the bone & could see our breath when we talked while sitting on the couch Monday night, we had the most fun! The house glowed in candle light & I had my own private concert. My youngest son played the guitar while my hubby sang. I'm so lucky. When the power was booting back up it went on & off a few times and then our main heater quit working. Ugh. We don't know what's wrong with it yet. Fortunately we have a pellet stove in the fireplace but it doesn't heat the entire house so we are still cold. We still have snow in the yard & it was about 32 this morning. I can't believe how many things are breaking all at once around here. Very aggravating. One thing that isn't broken anymore is my computer! YEA!!! Santa stopped by yesterday! After the gallery show I am going to be doing a lot of catching up, listing new pieces and I will be catching up on you too!


Ayala Art said...

OMG that's terrible! We are at the bottom of the Central Valley and it's been freezing in here too! Ice in the yard for 3 days now. And can't use the fireplace either.... Hope you are warm now!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

How cool is that pic! We have had unusually cold weather here for this time of year.

Bummer about the heater! I hope it doesn't cost too much to get it fixed. At least you have a stove to use int he mean time.