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Thursday, December 31, 2009


"Ka Boom" is what feels like happened to 2009! I can't believe how fast this year went by. I love painting Angels & just listed one today in my Etsy shop, but I truly am having so much fun painting these "Happy Souls". It has been therapeutic, they no longer scare me like they use to, but I am still not calling them clowns. haha I can make them as willy nilly & wonky as I like. I like that freedom. I have had quite a few tell me they make them smile. I listed some on Ebay this week, including "The Little Dare Devil" & "KA BOOM" I may list a lot more things next week to make room for 2010 so keep a weathered eye out. (ok yes that was pirate talk)
I am looking forward to putting this year to bed & waking up to a brand new one. I have a few resolutions I am hoping to keep this year. I also have a few things in the works and January is already getting busy. I may be showing at a gallery in Sacramento or Woodland, dear friends may be coming to visit for a few days, and my oldest son & I are working on a collaborative cooking blog. The Tree & The Apple. We will be doing lots of challenges, cooking, having food fights, & loads of fun. As silly & competitive as we both can be in the kitchen I am sure it's going to be a real "happy place", if not "happy" it will be definitely be interesting! haha


Christina Colwell said...

Hi Jane, Thanks for dropping by. I love the NOT clown. He soo happy.

Wonderful colors and expression. Always enjoy your art.

Poetic Artist said...

Fun Clowns..
Even though I still have to say they scare me a little..It is like someone is hiding behind them..

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Love love love Ka Boom! I never understood the fear of clowns until I saw Poltergeist as a kid! Great painting.

Happy New Year! May it be glorious!