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Friday, February 5, 2010

Heavenly Bodies Out of This World!

"One More Minute"

I gotta say I'm digging the polka dot poncho, wing dings *for obvious reasons* and dingle ball swimwear! Aren't you?!haha


Gloria said...

I love your painting. Your colors are always soothing. As for the bathing suits, they should be like that right now. I think the world went to far and in doing so, revealed too much. Have a great weekend. Oh, thx for following me, I appreciate it. Take care.

Graceful Moments said...

Great painting and fun video.

Tj Lev said...

OMG that video is too funny! I like the wings, "flip up or flip down for obvious reasons"... what?? Your swimmer is great! The satisfaction on her face, me being a regular water aerobics pool person these days I relate to it!! The water makes me go ahhh.... Love the bubbles too! I hope you are doing great!! Peace and Love! Tj.