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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Last Art Race

Last night I watched the last episode of Art Race on Halo. Savored every episode. I remember seeing the call for this show, and thought it was a great idea but no way would I apply. When I saw the show on tv I was so excited and felt lucky to have stumbled on to it. I even got the guys into it.
In a nutshell, 2 Artists have to travel across country in 40 days living only on the art they sell or trade, then at once reaching their destination have only hours to get a gallery show together. The winner is the Artist that makes the most money and the loser has to give the winner the money they make to the winner. I'm sorry it's over. I can honestly say that if they did it again I might consider applying, even though I despise my picture taken, being filmed and being in the spotlight, because I do love a good adventure! This one would be awesome. Heck I might take off one day w/o a film crew.
The two Artist they picked, Ben Sargent & Kenny Harris, styles were so different that there was no way I could pick a favorite in the end. I fell for both of them. I'd like to hang out with both of them. I do have to say that Ben did seem a bit more creative and fun, was a more postive person, while Kenny was traditional, technically competent but a bit of a complainer. Ben's art was wild wacky fun & Kenny's was traditional, stunning, great compositions. Click HERE to read more about the show and some of their blog posts.

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Tj Lev said...

What? That sounds like a great show! I had no idea. I"ll have to see if we can netflix it! Hope you are well!! Tj.