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Monday, June 28, 2010

Come Go With Me ... Petaluma & The Great Pacific!

Last week flew by! Hubby's band played a big wedding in Sonoma on Saturday and so we took this opportunity to take a little weekend vacation. His great aunt used to live in Petaluma and on the couple of occasions we visited her years ago, we never went downtown, it was many many years later that we went through downtown Petaluma and it was then that I fell in love with it. Some towns have a good feeling to them and some not so much. Petaluma is a good feeling town. The people are very friendly, there are great restaurants, architecture, cute shops, lots of antiques, the river, and the weather seems to always be perfect when we are there. Next time we go I think I will spend more time taking photographs. While he played I kept myself busy doing a few pastel paintings which I will share soon. Petaluma is famous for it's chickens & eggs, another reason for me to love it. haha

You know how I love to drive, go places I've never been, fly by the seat of my pants with no plans, well my husband hates that. He's a planner. I used to hate that he's a planner but because of it, I have ended up with a lot of great experiences & we've got a lot done that we probably wouldn't have had I been in charge. haha I'd say we balance each other out. Him being a planner is what made yesterday so special because he didn't plan & we ended up going somewhere we'd never been! I love that & he knows it! We left Petaluma and headed for the beach. We ended up at Drake's Beach & the Point Reyes Lighthouse, the windiest spot on the west coast and the 2nd foggiest. Not sure how they measure that but that's what they claim. As you can see it was a beautiful cloudless, fogless day. We approached Tomales Bay on a 2 lane road with the banks covered in eucalyptus trees & wild fennel. The smell was instantly soul healing. It's chilly at the beach unless you are in So Cal so taking the 1/2 mile jaunt up the cliff to the lighthouse without a sweater was a little rough at times with that wind blowing. At the top we were greeted by a big whale skull & blow you over wind that rattled the chain link fencing like a musical instrument. I started down the 300+ steps to the lighthouse but had to gingerly turn around trying not to embarrass myself. I'm afraid of heights & with the ocean moving on both sides of the cliff, the tiny & ladder steep stairs, the wind, ugh, I got verdigo so badly that I thought I was going to fall down or have to come back up on my butt one step at a time. That would have been a sight! I would have been the main attraction! haha

I was surprised the entire day at how many beautiful plants & flowers there were growing on the cliffs and around the beaches. I had to stop & take pictures of them all. I've got too many to share in just one post. I may do a few in black & white to post on my black & white blog.

On the way home we went through the cute little town of Fairfax. I'd love to go back & hang out, maybe camp in the big grove of redwood trees that are just outside of town that we didn't know existed, at the Samuel P Taylor state park.

Awwwwww Yes he did! :)

He even let me pick out dinner... my choice Chipotle burrito bowl with lots & lots of their hottest sauce! Yum! (I ate the leftovers for breakfast) AND he stopped at my favorite produce place in Dixon on the way home! Until yesterday who knew eating cornbread, popcorn & beer bread was such a problem for people! hahaha

A Big Shout Out goes to Paigeweasel, LoftyAmbitions, DownstreamDiva, LuvZit, and WhatsHerName for including my artwork in their Etsy Treasury collections! Thank you so much! Please stop by their Etsy Shops by clicking on their names. It's sweet people such as these that make Etsy a truly special place.


Gloria said...

oh boy, this was a fun outing. I felt cool looking at the ocean and the beautiful waves, being that it is hot right now over here. How great that you took off and just went and enjoyed yourselves. Those are great photos as well. I appreciate those old buildings in Petaluma. Lucky you, and I'm happy that you had a great time. Always nice to get away.

Campbell Jane said...

Pam thank you for your sweet comments! For some reason it did not publish when I told it to! what the heck???