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Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm the Only Girl In the World...

... is what my mother said. "You are the only girl in the world that can be sweetened up with jalapeno peppers!" She might be right. They do make me happy! I was grumpy this morning & don't mind admitting it, so Hubby went shopping and returned with this big beautiful bag of peppers. A rose, no thanks, just give me a stinking rose (garlic) and some peppers! ♥♥♥
I made these peppers last week and they were devoured in abouth 48 hours. Not exaggerating. (I'm not the only pepperhead around here ) I will admit I probably ate 1/2 of them. I hope you make some. They aren't as hot as you might think! After slicing I put them in a big bowl of cold water, which rinsed them and removed a lot of the seeds but I did not try to remove the seeds when packing them.
20 large Jalapenos
6 large cloves of Garlic
Thinly sliced not chopped
3 TBS sugar & 5 TBS of White Vinegar

5 Cups of boiling salty water ( 5 C water + 3 TBS salt)
And the clock starts ticking...


Gloria said...

Oh wow, those look delish CJ! Good to see you. Haven't seen you post in a long time. Hope you have been well. Love those chili's.

Campbell Jane said...

Hi Gloria! Yes they are! I'd love to have some of your pepper recipes!! Peace & Love