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Monday, July 8, 2013

A Song, A Service & A Show!...

... On Sunday I actually slept in late, which is rare. 
Must have been that cushy bed.
It was nice but at the same time I was very disappointed
that we missed church services at Grace Cathedral. 
We decided to take a walk down to Chinatown,
 just a few blocks at the bottom of the hill. 
While standing in front of a little tea shop,
a big man in a black suit, bowler hat & a
big beautiful husky baritone voice came up to me & 
sang me a joyful spiritual song! 
Unfortunately I didn't get his picture. 
After that Hubby was inspired & decided we should
walk up California Street & go visit the Cathedral anyway. 
Walking up California street on the way up
took every butt muscle we have. But Surprise!
(no pun intended) It was worth it!
When we got there they were having a special
Asia- America service!
So I got a song, a service & a show!
Satyr-1, a street artist we met by the park.
Of course I had to stop & watch for a second.
 I can't wait to go back & see his work finished.
A pretty plant vendor's string gardens on the street. She
was shy & wouldn't let me take her picture.
Hey Tom Hanks I found Zoltar! That's Big! haha
(loved that movie)
A beautiful statue on California Street. Half way there.
Had to stop & get a picture just to rest for a second!

Grace Cathedral sits atop the highest hill in San Francisco.
A beautiful girl in kimono who did a Japanese dance,
part of the service in the Cathedral.
Taiko Drummers in the courtyard of the Cathedral.
After all the walking up & down hills,
and the beautiful Asian service;
Hubby said he was craving Japanese food!
So we popped into Sushi Toni
on the way back to our place and got a little bite.
Yum...nap time!

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