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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


... I love the mugs that people make with Sharpies that I have seen on Pinterest.  These are a few of my favorites I have seen.  For Father's day our little "Bubbie" gave my hubby a hand painted mug, & it has been a joy for "PopPoP" to use.  There are only remnants of the paint left even though it has been hand washed.  So thinking of Christmas, (yes already!), I want to make some special mugs for some of my beloveds. Finding the right words like the first one above is not as easy as making them! Wouldn't these be great way to personalize a gift basket?!

Last year I used a Sharpie on a antique plate & on some old Corelle plates.  A tip I learned  if you make these... even though the most directions say to clean it off with soap & alcohol prior to inking & baking at 350 degrees for 30 minutes,  don't,  just make sure it's clean - I ran mine through the dishwasher. Putting the alcohol on it first seems to make the ink tend to run a little & not stick as well.  I actually used a brown Marvy Marker on the plates, which is a water resistant book marker. Once baked it did not smear at all it was very well adhered. On this first plate I had to clean it up (it wasn't baked yet in the photo) over & over before I baked it, I think because of the soap & alcohol.  The soap & alcohol tended to make the ink slide while you are creating your design. The latter was easier when I did use the soap & alcohol. Of course I would not eat on these, nor would I run them through the dishwasher.  The mugs I would hand wash as well so that the design wouldn't fade.

On this plate I simply outlined the design on the plate & incorporated it into my drawing.
These get your "right mind" gears working and could become addiction, eyeing every flowered plate that you pass by in a whole new way!


Ayala Art said...

Awesome mugs!
Have you seen the ones you draw on then you microwave, and supposedly they can be dishwasher safe?
I doubt their markers are as fine to make this details though...
Lovely dishes too!

Campbell Jane said...

No I haven't seen the microwave version. I will have to look that up! Thanks for stopping by!