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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wrapping it Up!

I started my day off with a protein shake with strawberries & blueberries. It was magically delicious. Then I got busy wrapping paintings to mail off. Most who know me know that I suffer at Christmas time, even try and bribe people to wrap my presents! I must admit that I have resorted to those printed boxes & the occasional bag. I try not to give gifts in bags because it loses something just pulling a nice gift out of a bag. A box with paper & ribbon is so much more exciting. So here I am wrapping my art! I have gotten very nice emails from people who were surprised to get their purchased art wrapped with beautiful ribbon. I do it to make people happy. Who doesn't like opening a present? I think it's a nice touch but it's not my favorite part of job! My husband & I went shopping for my son's baby shower today, it's a big gift, 2 steps out the door with it & I say "there is no way I am wrapping that!"
I am on the computer more than painting this past week which is going to hurt. Getting myself out there. Trying to get all the computer stuff "wrapped up" so that I can spend more time doing what I love, painting. I joined OvationTv Art community tonite. Now that was a big step for me. The site wouldn't work right, maybe it's overloaded or something so I couldn't complete my profile.
I was featured in someone's Treasury on Etsy today! That is such a nice compliment & honor to be included in that. If you'd like to check the Treasury out it's
So this day is a wrap & I can go to bed knowing that I accomplished a little more than I thought I would toward reaching my goals! Which is to become your favorite artist! haha

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