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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Drug of Choice

Marie Sharp's Hot Nopal/Prickly Pear Green Habanero Hot Sauce

My closest friends just came back from Belize and brought back 4 different hot sauces for me! Yes they know me well. They visited the factory and had a picture taken with Marie. The bottle says it's hot but to me it's medium. It's a party in your mouth and all your buds show up! hahaha I may have to ask Santa for some other of Marie's creations just so I can to try them all! I had to go buy a big bottle of this one! Lucky for me they carried it in my favorite hot sauce store down by the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Every time I go down to Long Beach I stop in there and load up on my favorite hot sauces. I myself make a lot of hot sauces. We go through a lot around here. Can't go a day without a little spice & heat. I even add canned jalapenos to my pickle relish in the food processor. It's great on a hot dog! This sauce is made with cactus and that's inspirational. I'm going to get some and play around. Try making a new my spare time or when this bottle is gone!


kim said...

hi there love your blog and thats why
I'm giving you and your blog an award for being so cool! Love your art!

Check out my blog for the details.
Thanks - kim

Kendra Joyner said...

Hi Janet...just stopping by. My hubby likes the hot sauce, too...he's from cajun country. Love all your women paintings especially the lady with the hat!