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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Awwwwww it's finally really raining!!!! I'm in heaven today! It smells so good!

Yesterday was my husband's last day at work. He's now officially retired. He's a young 53 so he will be working part-time with the county or somewhere else and booking more band gigs for sure. I will get lots of "honey-do's" done too! The kids are coming over tomorrow for a big celebration dinner then we pack for Long Beach.

I will be in Long Beach for the week. Wednesday night we are going to see Leo Kotke. We haven't seen our friends this year so we are both excited to see them and get out of town. It's a good 8 hour drive from our house to Long Beach. I have to take a painting to the gallery at noon so we won't get there until evening. Going to their house is always like a vacation and we always have a wonderful time. They live in a huge old historical Victorian home that is haunted. They found a head stone in their yard shortly after moving in. The woman was on 40 something when she died. Not much is known about her. She may haunt the place or it may be others. A young girl fell from the staircase and died as well. Things happen there all the time and they are used to it. We are not used to it. Once the ghost turned off the electricity to our room shortly after my husband said he was going to stay in bed and watch football. LOL The ghost decided he wasn't. The guys checked everything, went under the house, nothing was out of the ordinary. They were going to call an electrician when we left but, poof, it came back on as we drove away. Another time we were all in the living room and I got up and walked to the dining room. 2 steps in I was instantly frozen and every hair on my body was standing up. Fear just washed over me. I couldn't go forward and I was afraid to turn and run. After a moment I got up enough nerve, turned and ran back to the living room. They all thought that was amusing. I wasn't amused. I made my friend go back with me! There was no doubt in my mind that there was something in that room with me. It was a very strange experience. The ghost often takes things off the table in there so the dining room is a hot spot so to speak. Oh I could tell you lots of stories of things that have happened there, maybe another time. I think they should call Taps, the Ghost Hunters, but they won't because they say they know it's there, no need to confirm it. We are staying in the same room this time maybe Jim will get to watch his football this time.

I spent the day listening to the rain and painting this girl in a red hat. I love hats and wish more people wore them. I may start a series of girls in hats. The kids say her head is too little but that's what I like about her. It makes her a little odd and I personally like the oddness.


granmamimi said...

I love the hat lady! This one ought to sell fast and the Red Hat Society gals should love it! I think the hat idea will be a big hit! Have a great trip and relax with your hubby!

Bee Joynes said...

You must start a series, I love this and it is today's Eye Candy on

Flor Larios Art said...

First time on your blog. I like your style. Great Art!