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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dag Blast it!

Just logged on and checked Etsy and surprise! The front page has featured artist selling tiles with trees on them like the trees I have been doing for quite some time now, even same colors. This person just started selling on Etsy. Compliment? Not so much. It sucks when you work hard and are trying to make a living. It got my panties in a knot but oh well what can you do? This is not the first time. Last year another artist apparently printed out one of my paintings, it was a mirror image, then added a word to it and sold it as her own. I was given the heads up on that one by another artist. On the bright side Yoko Ono started following me on Twitter!

I wanted to start a diet today but my hubby insisted on taking me out to breakfast. I got a club sandwich & only ate 1/2 of it, not really diet food but I could have eaten the other half. haha I have hardly seen him since I got home. He has worked or had gigs every night & day since I got back. He has a few days off and doesn't have a show until Friday, then another on Sunday. Sweet man is taking my car to the wash as I type. It's a real benefit to me that he's such a neat freak. haha

I have my painting clothes on! One day I'm gonna post a picture of this nasty splattered outfit that I live in! hahaha. That's a first step anyway. After this post I am forcing, yes for some reason I have to force myself into my studio, and I'm not coming out until something is painted. I am going to be painting an angel for a dear friend of mine that has cancer in South Carolina so I can get that mailed out to him. I am also swishing some ideas around in my head for the May show at the Marco Fuoco Gallery. The theme is music. I'm not sure if I am going to do a painting or a few altered photographs. Last month the theme was "The demise of the newspaper". I did this altered digital photo for the show but missed the show because I was in South Carolina. I really have a lot of fun doing these photos, like my angels they are a mystery how they will turn out. I think I'm gonna have an altered photo play date at my house with my Swell Sisters. Here's the altered piece I did last month...


Hayley Egan said...

This copying thing is really bad!! You should leave a link to the artist so we can either avoid him/her, or politely point out that we've noticed a similarity to your work!

Shelley said...


I guess you can think of it as a compliment, but it sucks that someone is doing the same thing, and it even sucks more when they are on the FRONT page of etsy. My heart goes out to you....I think the same as you....Oh well, what can you do. Try not to dwell on it to much, your art is beautiful, I personally love it as do so many other people. Keep going, and never give up.....Hugs Shelley

Campbell Jane said...

Thank you Shelly.

Stormee said...

Nice blog and nice art. I hope you get those seeds planted.

granmamimi said...

Dear Jane,
Go on and see Jane DeRosier being upset over the same issues with her work. She posted it yesterday! Check out her video message and Dicussion Board. Another blogger to respond to this problem gave her a site
It is a good site. Now, I am with you on this issue and I do not think it a compliment when one copies your work and turns it around and sells it for their profit! This is a NO NO in the art world!
Oh by the way my Buster got a "shave and a haircut" today and could be Roadie's twin! Cute picture!
Blessing for a better day tomorrow!