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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Felt good...

to get some painting done today. I finished this angel in purple on wood that was headed to the dumps that I got in SC. My cousin fished it out of my aunt's dump pile and cut it for me. I loaded the car with lots of wood and brought it home. It was a good thing I didn't drive over the Rocky Mountains or my car wouldn't have been able to make it up any hills! I love painting on wood that is doomed and turning it in to something pretty. While I was in SC I painted a pink one like sort of like this one for my cousin. She's going to put her in her garden and I think she's going to plant something underneath her which will be her dress! Cute idea don't ya think?! These angels on long pieces of wood would look good over a doorway as well. I have another started and may be up late getting trying to get it finished. If I can stay off of Twitter. haha Yep I'm Twitteraddict now!

We bought a walker for little JJ aka Doodle Bug the other day. He liked it but he can only move it backwards for now. He would want to go forward and get so mad when it went backwards! It was hard not to laugh. He's getting big so fast! I got busted holding him while he slept when my son came in to pick him up. haha That felt good too!


granmamimi said...

Love the newest angel,,might look good above my angels on my kitchen wall! mmmm is it going up for aucction?

granmamimi said...

When holding didn't lactate did you!!!LOL
I become all mushy when I get a baby in my arms, I sure miss all my grands being little, my youngest is now 7! eeegads!

Campbell Jane said...

haha No but I may have ovulated! hahaha!