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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looking For A Geeky Friend

My computer is not operational at the moment and I know you miss me! haha I miss my computer & dropping on blogs for sure. Seriously how did we live without computers? What was life like before the Internet? It is hard to remember! After many attempts by my hubby & son's to fix it, new hard drive, new memory, new whatevers & doo ma jiggies, phone calls that cost money, it went to the geek squad. They wanted to charge $140 to load in a operating disk that was from someone else's computer (Windows wont load) and it cost $70 & 3 days for them to suggest that! No thanks. Hubby went & picked it up. We are now waiting on a disk from Dell that cost $10. We should have bought a new computer when it first started going out even suggested that we get one again yesterday. The expense to fix it, phone calls to Dell, trips to Frys, the time,... but the guys won't give it up. They are determined they gonna fix it & it will be better than new. I am keeping my fingers crossed & saying a little prayer. So I am using my son's computer (when he isn't using it) but I can't post any pictures or scan anything. Thanks for still coming to see me even though it has been a bit boring here lately! I have 5 new Tiny Mighty Angels paintings to list as soon as I'm back in business.

Big thanks & shout outs to Abbasgirl, Terraworks & Fluur's for featuring my art in their wonderful Etsy Treasuries! All of them look like front pages to me!


Poetic Artist said...

Hope you get your computer fixed soon. I know it is not fun to be with a computer..You are correct what did we do before?

MagicMarkingsArt said...

I do miss seeing your wonderful work, and know you must have a ton of new things for the holiday season. Hope all is fixed and your back on the computer happy trails here soon!