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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Buzz.....

... I finally finished my pieces for the Bee show! Today is the deadline to deliver my pieces and I literally finished a few minutes ago. If you are wondering where the vintage looking angel I was working on is, well she's gone, after weeks of painting on her, I painted over her 4 days before the deadline & started from scratch to complete this piece. I must like stressing myself out. The piece is a large canvas 18 x 24 and the initial angel was sweet but I wasn't digging it being just a great big head with a big hat. I think they are great for smaller pieces but I thought there needed to be a lot more interest on a big canvas. Obviously there is a lot more going on now. Everyone loves this final piece better and I think I do too. I am selling 5 x 7 prints of this piece in my Etsy Shop. If you are interested in purchasing the original before the show & helping bee research you can email Laurelin Gilmore. For more info & all the press on the show please click on this Link.
"Bees In Her Bonnet"
More buzz ..... Thank you StoryBeader at a Stroll through Storyland ! It is such an honor to be chosen to be featured on your blog in such a manner! Please check out her fantastic blog & her feature on me Here! will see my messy studio!
And more buzz!... My son won 2nd place a salsa contest today using my original salsa recipe! You know how I love peppers and all things hot. I have lots of original salsa recipes. This is a green salsa with ginger & cucumber. I may share the recipe one day so stay tuned!
To whom it may concern...if you're still out there... It feels like a week ago, but probably not, time is passing so fast, someone, you know who you are, sent me a message and presented me with blog award. I meant to respond & post it I really did, I appreciated it too, I really did, but somehow I spaced it out. Now I can't find it or find you! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!


Gloria said...

Beautiful painting as always. Just stopped by to say have a great weekend. That salsa recipe sounds great. Oh yes, stop by my blog and enter my giveaway for a chance to win one of my painted bangles. Take care.

Pilgrim of the moon said...

Beautiful colors.

C said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!! ♥ To you and to all of the mothers in your life!!!! ♥