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Monday, April 26, 2010

Go Figure

I had a pretty uneventful but very relaxing weekend, which I needed. Watched a few movies. The Invention of Lying was AWFUL. We thought it would be funny starring Ricky Gervais and had looked forward to renting it. Turns out it was blasphemous & not funny. Making fun of, or trying to make people think that believing in God is stupid, was not entertaining in the least. Really a disappointment. Ricky's performance was ok, he pretty much acts the same in every movie. Jennifer's performance was dull for me, she's not that funny or believable. She was suppose to be a real beauty in the film but with the awful hair styles, this was hard for me to buy. At times I even thought she was ugly. I'm sorry if that sounds really mean. You are pretty Jen but your ears are distracting. Just keeping it real. Why hasn't someone told her that her ears are just too odd looking to wear ponytails or her hair pulled tightly back or pushed back around the ears? Sorry Jennifer, said with all kindness, please don't let them fix your hair like this anymore.

I went through some of the many canvases I have to be repainted or thrown out, pieces that I never listed, never finished, or just wasn't pleased with. Examining each old canvas with a fresh eye, it was noticeable to even me how much I have grown since painting full-time. I also noticed that I may have given up on a few pieces too quickly, instead of working on it a little longer. After I finished some pieces that I have to get done I may repaint some of my old paintings. Maybe paint some new folky stuff, some new crabs, chickens & funky flowers.

I'm having fun painting the little bees right now and have added a few new ACEOs to my Etsy Shop. I may put a few old ones just mentioned on Ebay & start the bid like so many do at $.99 just to make room for more, spring clean. I have heard many pros & cons to listing on Ebay at $.99. As a full-time artist it could be very discouraging to have your hard work & originals go for pennies. Not to mention the hole you are in for cost of supplies. Also what does it say about your art? Does it reflect how you value your work or others will? I was approached by someone not long ago offering to put all my original artwork under their name and sell it on Ebay with a starting bid of $.99, promising me big final bids & they would take a commission. What? Not sure why they would think this would be a good idea for me to do. Ebay fees are already high, more than $.99! I know there are a few Artist that have a following that do quite well, however, it's been the opposite experience for me. Recently I put an opening bid of $4.99 on an ACEO, which I feel is low for original art work, it didn't sell. Then I put an opening bid at $11.99, a more reasonable price for a mini original, and it sold. So go figure! I'm taking a poll. What do you think? Would you or do you list your work on Ebay with an opening bid at $.99 ? I'd love to hear what you have to say on this subject.

I've had so much fun creating collections in Etsy's new Treasury East. Click Here to see the collections I've made so far. I am also honored that the following people have included my art in their creative collections! Click on their name to see their shop & their Treasury to see their collections. The Big Shout Outs go to RasberrySwirl81 their Treasury, SilverandEarth their Treasury, DesigningIt their Treasury , MindieLee their Treasury and my friend Terraworks who makes beautiful pottery. Unfortunately her Treasury has expired already but it was lovely & lovely to be included.


Gloria said...

Jennifer's ears are indeed big. So are Barack's. Believing in God is what keeps this world going. I love your canvases and the little bees. I think it's great work. Have a great week.

Ayala Art said...

I know what you mean about the movie... I thought it was going to be funny too, but it wasn't at all and I felt upset with their story. Too bad.
As for the starting bid amount, I test all the time, with weird results. Sometimes a .99 cents will finish with a great end, sometimes it flops. Some high ending price will sell, the next one won't. I guess like always, it all depends on the week, and if the right buyer showed up! :oP

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

I never finished watching that movie. I remember getting bored in the middle and left the room.

I'm a firm believer that you should always list your work for the price you would feel comfortable selling it for. If the right person comes along they will buy it.

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

Oh! I meant to add that I feel a lot of times it's the artist's that continue to under price their work that give the artists that price it true a bad name.

cree said...

i don't get it. why would you sell you work for .99??? is that some kind of marketing trick? is it supposed to start some sort of frenzy? i think it only serves to confuse people about the value of art, if i purchase your art today for .99, then come back for more tomorrow, and find it selling at it's going price, the fact that i got a crazy deal doesn't motivate me to buy at it's origional cost, it motivates me to find more people that are giving their art away for almost nothing.

Cynthia said...

I agree with Jennifer and cree. The general public needs all the educating they can get about the price of art. Pricing art like it's at the dollar store undermines that effort i think.

Campbell Jane said...

Thank you to all for expressing your opinions! It really helps to hear your thoughts.