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Monday, April 19, 2010

Space The Final Frontier...

... final alright, finally gone! The outer space bedroom wall that is. My son is turning 21 tomorrow. I couldn't let him turn 21 and still have an outer space wall in his bedroom! hahaha He has kept refusing to have it painted. Maybe because we had so much fun painting it together many years ago or maybe he just didn't want me in there, you know how that goes. hahaha. I have to say the space wall was pretty cool back in it's day. The clouds were at the bottom of the wall so his bed floated in the clouds. The glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, well they are staying because it's covered in them. He'll have to do that job.
I snuck in there and painted the wall while he was out, then painted these 2 pieces on recycled canvas. One is a 16x20 the other is a 5x5. It was fun painting the different layers of color, scraping and grunging up these colorful heads. After I finished the first one, I wanted to do it again! I may even do some more one day just to experience that freedom again.
The room isn't finished but it's started. The final wall color is not going to be this dark either. I used this left over paint as a primer to cover up parts of the wall that were navy blue. He loves it and I'm sure he has to be feeling a little more mature! hahaha


Graceful Moments said...

Very cool art! I am sure your son will approve!

alkemilla said...

F a n t a s t i c ! ! ! ! !
You're so inspiring to me, dearie!