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Monday, August 9, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'...

...Clay that is! I've been playing with clay all day. Thank goodness polymer clay doesn't go bad because I haven't touched it a couple of years. I expected it to look like forgotten Playdough, all crusty & dry, but a few kneads between the fingers and it's like brand new! How does that work? I have an array of almost every color thanks to my sister. Crafty gifts are the best aren't they?! She is making beautiful jewelry now so I am making her some beads. I love making beads, sculpting faces, working with clay, but I don't enjoy making jewelry (or stained glass but that's another story!) I've tried to get into jewelry making but it doesn't take long before the supplies are on their way to my sister. I can't close a jump ring right to save my life. To be good at it you have to love it, invest time & practice, I don't love it enough to spend the time to practice at it. I love these little faux turquoise nuggets though! I am going to redo the holes before I bake them. They are a mixture of teal, light turquoise, tan, white & black. My favorite ring that I inherited from my husband's grandmother is a brilliant Alexandrite set in a gold Fleur de lis setting. The stone changes from cobalt blue to violet much like amethist. I can never predict what color it will be when I put it on. It's like an expensive mood ring. Anyway I'm going to make some beads inspired by that ring.
My sister has been telling me how nice Cold Porcelain Clay is to work with so I took a break earlier and ran out to purchase some baby oil. I also splurged on a bead roller at Michael's. It's so cool! I'm sharing this instructional video by Sangeeta Shah. She makes it look very easy, her flowers are amazing and her accent is adorable. She has some flower tutorials on her website. The porcelain clay is an air dry clay, no baking needed and it shrinks about 30%, so I am using eye pins instead of holes if I make beads with it. What I have in mind to make is an angel inspired by my clay jug I found in May. I can't wait to get started. I hope it turns out! A tip that my sister gave me is to let it rest for a day or so before using. If you make some too please share how yours turns out and what you made with it!

I'm so lucky! I won these beautiful earrings by Lisa at Alterity Button Jewelry in her give-a-way and received them this afternoon. I love her whimsical button jewelry and she is really making me want to pull out my sewing machines. You must see her adorable 40's sun dresses she plans to take to the beach. So cute! The earrings are beautifully constructed and they match my eyes. *lashing fluttering* Thanks so much Lisa!
A Big Shout Out & Thanks! goes to Schemata & Collagical for including my art in their Etsy Treasuries! Click on their names to be taken to their wonderful shops.


Gloria said...

How nice that you can make beads. Another talent. I have some clay too and now you got me wanting to use it up. Are you going to bake these beads after the paint? Please show to us if you do. I like to look at art projects. Have fun and have a great week. Take care.

Campbell Jane said...

The cold porcelain clay is an air dry clay. I will paint the beads or piece I'm working on after they are dry & then varnish for a shine if I can't buff a shine like you can with polymer clay. This is an adventure!

SOiNTOiT said...

Well keep us to vicariously enjoy the projects. It keeps me from spreading myself too thin and keeps me inspired :)

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Working with that medium looks so fun!

I think you must be my sign, because just the other day I was thinking about working with clay.

Loved the gift you won!