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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Broken Record...

...that was my brain. Stuck in a groove. Black & White. Black & White. Black & White. I had to do it. I had to run go & get linoleum. My husband doesn't even fight it anymore. hahaha I got home and couldn't wait to carve into it. I set up a tv tray, taped a paper bag to hang off the edge so that I could sweep off the waste lino right into the bag (it is a little messy). Then went & grabbed his leather garden glove for my left hand, just in case I slip with the tool. It wasn't long before I was smiling & patting myself on the back for my brilliance after what could have been a few bloody messes. Hubby kicked back in his leather recliner with his football games & remote control. Me, my lino, tools & tv tray. Happy as 2 clams at high tide.

Here are the small pieces I did. They are 3"x 3.75", a little bigger than an ACEO. I have enough lino to make 8 more small pieces but I might try a little bigger piece. I'm ordering more lino through Dick Blick today. It's a surprise to me how much I love doing this type of work. Lost In Lino! The world is whittled away.

Hubby made me watch this video someone sent him this morning. He warned me my stomach may flip flop. He was right. During the video, with my fingers almost covering my eyes, I screamed out "Where are their mothers?! Are they orphans?!" Yiiiiikes! I guess to do amazing things, no matter what it is, you have to take a chance & just run with it!


Gloria said...

Oh WOW!!!!On your work and the video. I am just going to have to post this tomorrow if you don't mind. I can beleive these kids and how brave they are. Do you think they actually think they can't get hurt? Or do they care? Man oh life, they have GUTS/NO FEAR. I just can't get over it. I love your work and the tile you gave your prints, Linocuts. Awesome title. Great work. They'll sell fast.

Petula said...

Fabulous work you do! Love it.

Wow, those kids are something. Never seen anything like that before.

Cynthia said...

Wow -- now I feel really old! But even when I was young, I couldn't have done that!

I love your lino prints! I taught high school for many years and we usually did that for our printmaking project. It's been SO long since I've done one, and you are really making me want to go buy the supplies and get busy!

sandy petals said...

I love the lino cuts! Especially the Angel in shades. LOL Love it love it love it. That video makes me happy that my kid isn't a daredevil.

Ayala Art said...

The video reminded me of my brother and I when we were kids hahah My poor mother! We were monkeys jumping from the roof too.... but not as well choreographed as those boys ;o)

Your lino prints are beautiful!!