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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thinking in Black & White & Backwards!

I had so much fun yesterday! It's not a surprise that in addition to color color color that I also love black & white. If you haven't had a visit to my blog Sometimes Things Are Just Black & White, I hope you visit soon & follow! My friend & fellow Artist Carol Rogala came over for a visit. We had coffee, chatted about knitting, and then she gave me a private lesson in linocut prints! I am so hooked now! I laid in bed last night thinking in black & white, thinking of what I'd like to do, portraits using deep cuts, crabs crabs and more crabs, chickens, the scene on the bay bridge with San Fransico peeking through the wires just before you reach the city, ... I couldn't stop! When I'm finished painting for the Olive Hyde Gallery show next month I'm going to get some lino, a few tools, ink, brayer, scraper, & paper and really give it some study. I'm a little embarrassed to show my first pieces, I need lots of practice and have lots to learn! It will take practice getting my brain to think backwards too. haha She started me off with the black background, the angel, and my 2nd print, the crab, taking more off, working on the white areas. Carving was more satifying that I thought it could be. I was totally absorbed. I hope I wasn't making weird faces but I probably was! LOL Carol's pieces are so amazing. The one she was working on is very intricate and a powerful social comentary piece which she excels at. She made me a print of her bee piece "Leaving Town" that I love so much. I'm going to frame it & hang it with a little bee ACEO she gave me as well. Isn't she adorable!?! and check out my wonderful bee print! She's my print Sensei! Clicking on her name above will take you to her website to see more of her art. Carol's art was recently chosen for the California State Fair's Fine Art Exhibit and she is showing some of her pieces at the Marco Fuoco Gallery next month. I can't wait to see what she shows. Last week when she visited I gave her one of my hats, and in return for this random act of kindness I got a wonderful lesson and a fabulous print! As she drove off, with her printing goodies and a few of my "May Pops" (passion vine pods), I couldn't help but feel very blessed to have her in my life and can't wait to play again!

Big Shout Out's & Thank You's go to Graceful Moments for featuring my art in an Etsy Treasury & on her wonderful blog! Fabricated Family for featuring my beauty shop girl in her fun fractured fairytale Treasury, SammysGrammy for featuring my art on the Cast Team Blog! and to BewitchingDreams for including my art in her yummy sushi Treasury!


Graceful Moments said...

Great first cuts! I have always wanted to learn this art...but I am trying to stay focused on painting at the moment.
You are a popular lady...lots of features and treasures! I never grow tired of your beautiful paintings! Tried to visit Carol's blog but couldn't get there from her name link.

Ayala Art said...

It looks great! I know you will make awesome work, and I wish i was closer to get to play too!

Judy Goddard said...

Hey Jane! Very nice blog! I love love love lino cut printing. I went through a spate of it a while back.

cree said...

what a great time you two had! i love your first linos woman.

sandy petals said...

Those are incredible! I want private lessons too.