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Friday, September 17, 2010

Self Portraits

I love finding these precious little self portrait surprises on my camera when I go to download my photos! He may be a budding Photographer, Blogger & Tweeter! hahaha

I have been doing a few lino cuts and crocheting. My back has been bothering me and I can't sit & do nothing so I picked up my crochet hook. I listed some crochet patterns in my empty ArtFire shop. I have sold a few on Etsy already. Several years ago I was selling these ponchos as fast as I could make them on Ebay. They really are cute if I say so myself, you can wear them almost all year round. I wish I had time to crochet more than I do. I don't have too many days left until the big opening in the bay area so I am stressing myself out a little by not getting any painting done, but at the same time, sitting quietly crocheting is very healing. Last night I stayed up until the wii hours watching Netflix movies & designing an easy hand warmer that can have several different looks. I am going to keep some and sell a few, and sell the pattern. I have searched & searched and can't find any patterns like this one so I think I can call it my own. All creative people take inspiration from something, and my own poncho pattern inspired these. Click HERE to see my poncho pattern & hat pattern. I should have the hand warmer pattern listed by this evening on ArtFire & Etsy.
A Big Shout Out & Thank You goes to SantosLeather for featuring my art in her Etsy Treasury!


Anna said...

I have just read your prayer request.

Our daughter Elisabet was born with a very slight heart defect, a narrowing of the pulminary valve. She had open-heart surgery only one week old. We were told that without this treatment she would die within a few months. The surgery went well and she is still with us after six years. (Elisabet is the little girl who is everywhere on my blog.)

I know that there is a lot that can be done to help children with heart defects. I also know that even with all these sucess-stories, there are children who don't make it.

My heart goes out to you. I am praying for your you and your little one.
Best wishes & hugs,

Campbell Jane said...

Thank you & God Bless Anna

Ree said...

Love those "self portraits". :)Sending prayers that things go well for your family.