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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Loved & Loved Again

I got out and raked a little today. I have to admit it felt good. As far as gardening goes I'd say raking is about the extent of my talent. It's a shame I'm not kidding :) It got me daydreaming about decorating my outdoor room. It's a good size circle area with 2 granite walkways leading up to it in the middle of a little grove of oak trees in the upper portion of our property. Other than 2 black iron rocking chairs it's a blank canvas. Because I am not a gardener, I decided to divide my yard up and make little "rooms", that might help me tackle it or look at it in a different way and I have enough area to make a few good size spots. My goal is to make if flow and fun to walk through, not difficult to care for - container gardening all without looking like a junk yard.

You know I love upcycled/recycled/re-purposed art and objects. A well loved item transformed to love all over again. If you have some things you've made for your yard I'd love to see them! One of the things I plan to make/re-purpose are birdhouses made out of plastic coffee cans. My hubby feeds them so we might as well give them a place to live too. I plan to paint them and hang them at different lengths in those aforementioned trees. I'm calling it my "Coffee Condo Project." So stay tuned, that's soon, I can't wait to show you the project. Save a can! Here are some things I fell in love with. You can click on the pictures to be taken to the blogs, websites, tutorials, etc... I found some great places today!
Ut Oh. I might be saving cans now. I'm already saving coffee cans and we won't speak of my jar cabinet. Picture this spray painted with shiny copper paint, black w/ glitter to twinkle at night, turquoise or that lushious lemon-lime color next to it! Wouldn't this be a great outdoor room divider, or privacy screen? This Dino almost makes me want to crawl under the house to retrieve a box of old toys because I know there are a couple of dinos down there. Almost. Another super fun piece I will be making! There is scrap wood pile leftover from my hubby's wonderful deck I will be diving into.

These next 3 I saw at and fell in love them. I think the chair shelf would be great in my outdoor room I am gonna be working on this summer. *summer? doesn't feel like summer, not yet* Next time hubby is in the mood for a nice cigar I'm gonna ask him to get me some more boxes, I used all that I had in an altered art frenzy. I do have one untouched box that is my hidey hole for the tv remote & other assorted things. I've got lots of hidey holes. The other day I couldn't remember what I did with a sink stopper. Oh yeah, I put them in a big ceramic acorn next to sink. I hid the sink stoppers & strainers in there. I'd much rather look at the acorn. My largest hidey hole is an antique armoire that we gutted, added shelves to and it houses all of our stereo equipment. I am now keeping my eye out for stray silver in my thrifty travels. I have so much stuff to box up to take to donate, it's now on my Things To Do List. Wait donate and then bring home stuff..hum.. hubby probably won't notice the camping silverware missing for awhile. LOL


Gloria said...

Hi there. You are being very productive that's for sure. I like those ideas you and and some of those projects looks they will be fun. I really like the can idea and it's a good way of recycling. Have a great Thursday.

JEN ZONE said...

Great creative finds, fine YOU!

Miss you......BADZ!

Sharkbytes said...

Some very cute ideas there! Of course cabins decorated with racks made of broken canoe paddles is so ordinary, and eventually you have way more broken paddles than need for racks.