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Friday, June 3, 2011

Up To No Good

...well not exactly, but I am going through one of my experimentation phases again. I'm not finishing the things I should be finishing first. I've been having so much fun clowning around, painting photographs and turning people into clowns. It's hard to stop!

I'm trying to get up the nerve to make a video/tutorial. Would anyone want to learn to do what I do let alone pay for a class by me? Not sure. I listed my services on Etsy instead of a piece of art or creation. My services being a custom portrait turning your photograph into a happy soul/clown. A great gift for your boss, hahahaha just kidding - probably not adviseable, kids done as a gift for parents, maybe a person that make you so happy, or that clown in your life that has everything.

I am blessed beyond belief. Look at all these sweet people that put my art or creations in their fabulous Etsy Tresuries! Big Shout & a big Thank You goes to Lightworksartwork, Verbena Place, LookOnMyTreasures, Fabpins, PamWares, TerryMillsPhoto, Kandice in Wonderland, and CatCanPaint.

1 comment:

~Barb~ said...

YESSSSS! I for one would absolutely die for the chance to watch you and learn from you about how you do what you do. Your style is so very unique and whimsical; I love it. So if you're seriously considering it, please do...I will be your first student in line. :)
Peace & Love,