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Thursday, June 16, 2011

That's alot of Coffee & Paint!

This looks like so much fun. Let's try it with iddy biddy cups!

The video says this is a painting. How do you feel? Do you think this is a painting?


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

If the things Jackson Pollock did are paintings, then these sure are. They are really interesting. I wonder what kind of paint would just flow like that and not get muddy.

Campbell Jane said...

Humm a good point to ponder Sharkbytes! Jackson did have more control & thought on his splashes and composition though. Someone told me there is a painting of his that has a cigarette butt stuck in it that fell out of his mouth and he left it. That's art. haha

Tj Lev said...

That was so cool! That must be special paint... do you know? It looked like melted ice cream!

Campbell Jane said...

Not sure TJ. It does look like it has some kind of polymer or acrylic in it. I noticed that they had a piece leaned up against the wall, so it must have dried hard.

Ruth said...

I think that's AWESOME!!!!!! Sure it's a painting, it's just on a nontraditional surface.

Pollock's pretty cool, I think, there's also a new artist named Aelita Andre that works in a similar way and I like her work too.

Isn't that amazing, she's four years old! Wow!

Campbell Jane said...

Thanks Ruth. Aelita is so cute! Reminds me of "My Kid Can Paint" little Marla Olmstead.