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Friday, February 21, 2014

Ta Da! I Tried It Thursday...

... Need a really good excuse to go to Starbucks & keep every little scrap of fabric you ever have?! haha  This week I tried this simple & super cool gypsy bracelet project by Candace Jedrowicz. I love upcycling/ recycled projects, wearing bracelets and there is no shortage of fabric in my studio, so when I saw this project I had to try it! There was only one drawback... I am not a jewelry maker, so I don't have nice jewelry wire. So I pulled the wire out of my wire ribbon to see if I would like these before I went & purchased nice wire. (it actually doesn't look bad at all) These bracelets make up quickly  & look better in person.  I like lots of texture so I used painted fabric, glittering ribbon, lace, vintage fabric that I did free motion embroidery on & a vintage zipper.  I think I like them enough to buy wire next time I'm at the art supply store.  I plan on adding beads, buttons, seashells & charms.  I am going to try putting some beads on the wire before I start wrapping it to see how that works out. The possibilities are endless. Just might find some of these one day in my shop.  I will post a follow up picture when one is completely finished. 

God Bless & Create a great day!

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