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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Drowning In Yarn"...

... That's the name of my new piece.  This is a painting of one of the pieces I drew in the Little Pages video a few posts back. Click HERE to watch the video. This is the 2nd one I've done and may be the last that I paint on canvas. I may start painting them on paper instead.  I love painting on paper now and I used to be so afraid of it because it isn't very forgiving.  These portraits are quirky,  not as quirky as my clowns but a little quirky. I may not paint all of the pieces I drew in the video but definitely a few more. 
I painted this one because it was one of my favorite drawings in the group. I sketched it because I recently had to remove all the huge Space Bags full of yarn out of my studio and into my guest bedroom to make room for new sewing machines & room to sew.  I have the big Spaces Bags full, one for reds & pinks, one for greens, one for blues, ... then there are the bags of "UFO's" (un-finished objects) or here's a good one "PIGS" (projects in grocery sacks) hahaha . I have bags of things that are finished, ready for packaging, or some just done to work out patterns, or just for fun, nowhere to go.  Oops I shouldn't fail to mention the human body sized basket trunk full next to my recliner.  I thought I'm drowning in yarn... hey but what a way to go! Could I go buy more yarn? Why yes, yes I could! * In my head as I just typed Why yes,  Anthony Bourdain's voice was resounding in my head as though he was questioned if he could eat more pork. haha My Mom keeps telling, just this morning in fact, of all the things she is knitting and new knitting patterns she is trying with a beautiful soft & delicate yarn.  It's so tempting to stop what I'm doing to pick up some needles, but I am resisting, I'm painting about it instead! 
In addition to painting on canvas I am experimented with paint on fabric. 
Can't wait to show you what I am doing! So stay tuned...
~God Bless & Create a great day~
*Note to self - must have de-stash sale!

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MeOfCourse said...

Sounds like you are really busy. I love the names you've given your stashes of yarn. Your girl is radiant. Awesome. Have a great day.:)