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Thursday, August 28, 2014


A little update on work in progress. Yes this is the same painting that is in the last post.  You can see how it's morphed.  This is a colorful piece! I'm almost finished with it but still have a bit to do before I call Him completed.

I painted today.  My Mom encouraged me to paint. When she asked why I am letting the enemy stop me from painting, I understood what was happening.  Although it was she who bought me unspun wool and got me sidetracked teaching myself to spin yarn (another post),  paint is what I did today! I must admit it felt good. I have lots of paintings in my head, however, these are random, nothing drawn out first.   My Mom and I talk nearly everyday.  I know God loves me because he gave me her as a mother.  She is really my best friend and she is kooky.  She is my root and she keeps me grounded.  Thinking about that I decided to paint on wood today. It's been a few years. I went back to my roots.  Old wood is still my favorite & most humble canvas. I need more wood!

 Right side of her face is Sweet & Compassionate~ the Left side is Strong & Hopeful.  I am not finished with her either.

ACEO size piece of wood

I also did a Whale painting but that's my next post!
Create a great day!

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