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Monday, March 16, 2015

Pinned and Nailed...

... I will try to start posting more of the Pins I try.  I hate that I love Pinterest so much. haha  I don't dare get on there sometimes, time will vanish.  This jean skirt haunted me until I tried it.  (just like the hot glue gun molds on a previous post.) I've had some pin fails for sure and today I'm using the word "nailed" loosely.  The next one, however, is nailed for sure.  I have had a big bag of jeans/pants ready to donate but I was at the thrift with the kids a few weeks ago and these jeans were only $2.  I liked the flat pockets so I thought I would use them to practice on this skirt I had Pinned .  When you click on the picture for the Pin there are no instructions just a picture to go by.  The blog is Moda e Dicas de Costura, Fatima has lots of super cute refashion/upcycled clothes ideas, which I love.
But I'm all in. Chalk, Scissors, Machines at ready. Thinking how hard could it be?, usually with me end in a mess.  Surprisingly not that hard! It goes together pretty well.  I used white chalk to draw my lines on and I actually folded the pants in half & cut all layers at once. 
(Be careful if you have different pockets & pocket placement on the back)
Next time I will round out the point on the outside of the leg more. It's a little tricky navigating around that point & easing in  the ruffle.  I will do a little better sewing the back together with the weird inseam leftover too. That took a little time to figure that out. The picture above is before I completely serged it - the seams are nicely serged now.  On this one I didn't bother sewing a flat felled seam (jean seam) to attach the ruffles. I thought it might be too thick, but now I don't think so & I may try it.   The front is short, but wearable if you like short skirts. It's falls mid-thigh. Below it is modeled with a purple gypsy-ish slip skirt underneath. Some additional layers in the front would make it more modest.  I didn't take a picture of the back.  boo. The back is just as cute.  I just left all the edges serged but they could be hemmed. As it turns out,  I don't like the pockets that much but it was $2 of fun!  How cute this would be to do to little girls jeans.
After that skirt turning out better than expected,  I decided to use a pair out of the donate bag to make this one...
... but 2 of us couldn't figure it out! and it looks easier than the 1st one.  If you do, let me know! That pair of pants is still in pieces.  I want to try this one next. I may even wear this design...a little embroidery on the longer side...we'll see...
... that bag full of pants to donate may be skirts instead!
Create a great day!

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Jaime Haney said...

Oh I love Pinterest. You're right, it is so addictive and a huge time suck but what fantastic projects that are on there. I love your skirt, it turned out great. I remember seeing that one myself. I may have even pinned it!