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Friday, March 6, 2015

Squirrel ! ...

.... and I'm off!  That didn't take long did it? Today I was "squirreled" after viewing an online artist friend's new video.  Mystele Kirkeeng.   She is a Mixed Media Diva!  She makes it look so easy & not messy at all.  I love to watch her process and I am happy that I have some of her art.  Well right there on the side bar was a video by Betty Franks, Mystic Tulip Art, (click on their names to view their videos)  and her colorful doodle painting caught my eye so I watched Betty and I then painted & doodled all day.  I love mixed media pieces. I try, I make a mess, I have fun for awhile then I start thinking too hard, I get stuck, or I ruin it somehow, anyway I'm not ever super happy with the end result ...  then I clean up the mess & vow not to do it again for a long while...  But these were fun! It's just paint & ink. No stamping, poking, scraping, coloring, spraying (well I didn't spray. I dabbed ;)  I actually did some paintings like this in 2008 or 2009. I even resorted to my white lines like my ol' folky folk art I used to do.  
I took pictures of my process today so you could see that too.
 A great tip that Betty has for doodling is what I am gonna call the "double doodle".
Going over your lines twice and not perfectly does look really good!
 I already have some ideas for more and will probably think of a few more when I'm trying to get to sleep.
I did these little spontaneous pieces yesterday.

All 3 of the latter are ACEOs. 
Now I'm off to bed with paint in my head! 

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