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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Back to Black...

...Painting my little women; starting with a black canvas and letting them come to life with out drawing or planning, like my Aura Angels in the past, is as comforting as a hot bowl of Chickin' & Dumplin's and a lot less calories & carbs.  I almost felt like my old self today painting these, then felt a little lost.  Since I haven't been able to paint much the past 2 years, maybe I've been forcing it when I sit down to paint, maybe I've been drawing too much, maybe thinking too much, maybe getting too squirreled by new things.... I look at the pieces I did today and they make me feel good. It looks like they are doing all the thinking for me. hahaha They are a little wonky, scratchily scrubbed, rough brushed (my brushes are in desperate shape & calling me all kinds of names).  They were soothing yet exciting, in an unwrapping a present really slow kind of way. Well not too slowly because I didn't spend a lot of time on them or fret over them. They are all small. 2 ACEOs, 4 x 4" & 6 x 5".  A few I like better than others but each one was a journey.  I actually started a few more with different colored backgrounds who knows how many I will do.

Actually all my drawing/doodling wasn't in vain because I came up with an easy method of drawing/painting faces using circles.  It fires up my right brain and I start seeing people's faces in circles, ovals, oblongs, soft squares, etc...  hahaha I think it's might be good for a beginner portrait artist or experienced artist who just want to have fun and try something new.  I plan to start working on a tutorial for that as soon as I find out how to properly do a tutorial.  I have seen many Artist selling their tutorials or classes, however, I have never purchased a tutorial from anyone so I don't know if they use pictures or videos. 


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