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Monday, August 22, 2016

Through The View Finder...

...Can you pass by a ViewMaster, an old Stereoscope, ViewFinders without taking a peek inside? I can't!! I have to peek!  I especially love finding an antique photo viewer, I have to pick it up.  Moving pictures? Even better!!  Those machine that you pay a nickel to watch moving pictures...get me my change purse!
These little Zendoodles/Zentangles Girls are done in red ink & watercolor. I darken the edges to make them appear as though they are futuristic antiques as seen through a ViewFinder.  All are up for auction, just click on the above page link to place a bid.  I am working on a larger piece like the hollyhocks. I'm having fun with these! When I start I never know how they are going to turn out.

 "She Dreamed of Growing Cupcakes"
 "Sprouting Ideas"
"Hidden in the Bayou"
"Visions of the Perfect Tea Party"
"Hollyhocks in Okinawa"

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