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Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Man & The Movies

Sorry for no post yesterday I had a sweet friend come spend the day with me. I had so much fun. We went out & had a nice lunch, watched "The Wrestler", then I whooped her in a couple of games of dominoes. Slam! It was a good day even though my allergies were so bad I sounded like a drag queen & went through a box of kleenex. It poured down rain too and you all know I love that!

Today is dark & grey, no rain yet, but it looks like it's gonna bust out soon. I'm still a little under the weather. With the shade screens we have it seems even darker than it actually is. I'm not going to paint or finish anything today. I'd be forcing myself and I've learned that when I force myself I just end up making a mess and wasting good canvas or wood.

I cut my hubby's hair this morning. Yep I'm a beauty school drop out but I have 30 yrs of hair cutting experience! He looked so handsome it motivated him to shave off his beard & mustache! Yippee! He looks so much younger & hunkier! He's playing the drums at Vega's in Old Sacramento tonight. So I am gonna snuggle up in his leather recliner (best view in the house of the big screen) with a blankey and watch another foreign film.

I watched a foreign film earlier today. "Caramel" It took me several hours to get through it because I would have to pause it or rewind it everytime someone talked to me, called, or needed to do something. I love foreign films but have to watch them alone because no one else in this house likes reading the subtitles. When "Shall We Dance" came out I thought why can't Hollywood come up with something new without stealing foreign films? But it was a good cast and I thought it was ok. Then when "No Reservations" came out I thought Not again! I am sorry to say that remake was awful, well sorry Katherine, you made it awful. She was so unbelievable & really didn't do the part justice. No chemistry there either. I thought it was horrible. Go rent the original foreign version it's so much better. Since I'm doing some movie reviews haha I'll tell you what I thought of "The Wrestler"... I liked that it was different, not the same old story, liked the camera angels, lighting and the parts where I didn't have my eyes closed were ok. "7 Pounds", also liked it because it is different, however, by the end I thought I might like a bath too. I needed to watch "Yes Man" to shake off the funk and have some fun!

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granmamimi said...

WOW, I am seeing a new side to you! Intellectual side! Now I need to go rent some of those movies and think think think! (I have seen the Wrestler)good one! I wonder if my brain will strain that far?! LOL