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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little Word on Wednesday

“Thou, even thou, art LORD alone; thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and Thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshippeth Thee.” Nehemiah 9:6

"The Jeweler's Keeper"

No you aren't having devaju! I did post this last Wednesday but the painting was in progress. It's finally finished. I could pick it to death to the point of ruin but I am going to leave it as it is before I do that. I am pleased with it. I debated on whether to antique it or not but feared I might make a mess of many many days of work. Even though I used softer colors than I normally do, still it's vibrant & bright full of life. There are little subtle things that I have put in it as well. A few of the pearls have an almost subliminal reflection of a heart.

Ringo Starr's story of what an Octopus's Garden really is inspired me. Turns out Octopus are pretty amazing creatures. They are very intelligent and live in dens. When they catch a crab they take it to their den, they dine, then they stack the shells up neatly at the front door. They also like to collect shiny objects. The Octopus's garden essentially is all the lovely things he has stacked around his den. My octopus I am calling the "Jeweler". He is perhaps a great pearl collector. I love how he is showing off his prized pearl by holding his arms up mimicking a crown. Did you know that they had 3 hearts? Does that shed a whole new light on how they presented Davy Jones as an octopus in Pirates? arrrrrrrgh I love me pirates!


Michelle Eaton said...

You artwork is absolutely wonderful!

Kelly said...

oh jana, she is so beautiful! and i absolulutely adore her octopus crown. :-) i need to send you a picture of where i have your pieces in my house. i groups three little angels on my staircase column right in my entry foyer so they are the first thing that catches your eye when you walk in the house. i love them.

Lisa said...

I had not heard that story. It's lovely, as is your painting!

Heather said...

this is lovely!~