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Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Little Spot on The Planet

My computer is sick. It has a virus of some sort or it's just dying. I can only be online for about 10 minutes before it freezes up. Hopefully it can be fixed. I have been saving all of our photos just in case of a total crash. Being away from it has given me more time to paint!

I was sitting on my patio thinking about how I need to rake again instead of paint then went inside & painted!

Then I was thinking about my husband's band playing at Windwalker Winery next month & how fun it's going to be hanging out with our friends . So I painted the tree at Windwalker.

I started having so much fun doing these landscape paintings that I did one more, which is really just inspired by El Dorado County, my little spot on the planet.
These photo's don't do these justice. It's many layers of paint on each one which makes the colors very rich.

All of these paintings are now listed in my Etsy Shop.


storybeader said...

I love your landscapes - esp. the first of your backyard. Neat! Great colors, too!

suziart said...

I really love all your work! The colors areso fabulous!!! I am tryng to be more brave with color...but still intimidated a bit!

sandy petals said...

I wish your spot on the planet were a little closer to mine.