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Thursday, July 2, 2009

When Dieting...

...paint food! I can hardly go a day without a tomato. (or jalapenos, maybe that's next) The tomato & eggplants are ACEOs. The juicy red pears are painted 8 x 6 canvas prepared with fine sand for lots of texture. I just listed all in my Etsy shop. You'll know I'm really hungry when I start painting hamburgers, fries, hotdogs & mac-n-cheese! haha

"The Last Tomato"
"Eggplants In Waiting"
"Juicy Red Pears"

Some shout outs... I am in FOUR Etsy Treasury's today! WOW! How sweet is that?! I'd like to thank BlingbyChristine, please click here to check out her Treasury; Hullabaloo, click here to check out her Treasury; Estudiomartita, click here to check out her Treasury; and TheBeadAerie, click here to see her Treasury! All of these Treasury are very creative with a great collection of goods. One of these days I will try to do one myself but it seems complicated and time consuming so I really appreciate the effort & creativity when I browse through them on Etsy.


Lisa said...

They're all gorgeous. At least you're painting healthy foods!

Donna Childree Gotlib said...

Great idea. Beautiful pictures.

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

These turned out great! You really captured the dimension.